is unremittingly improve

recently Google continuously update the PR value and so many new owners from the return of the PR value of the degree of concern and attention, although the PR for the current Chinese station who has to do is not very useful, but many do foreign trade station or the British friends still still attaches great importance to PR, after all, have a higher the PR value also can have good rankings in Google, ranked by importance to get high quality flow. Well, nonsense not say, today we talk about how to enhance the stability of rapid PR. read more



"one of the chopsticks is easy to break, the ten chopsticks difficult to break" whether the individual owners or small enterprises, individual combat capability may be better than any big companies and the optimization of the team, but shuangquannandi four. In recent years, the increasingly fierce competition in all walks of life and many companies will expand the business and the development of the Internet as a personal webmaster position, more and more difficult to survive for a long term partner is very important, but do not like the Jingdong and Shentong part company each going his own way. read more

for the past few years, the most popular industry, but a very good development prospects of the industry of real estate industry, but with the increase of competition, wants to obtain the trust of consumers and increase brand exposure, not easy matter, as a real estate website, how to attract more consumers?

second, website layout attractive

first, correct the cognitive characteristics of

in the fierce competition in the real estate industry, if you want to quickly recognize your customers, you must have insurmountable characteristics, for example: just need the disk, high-end disk, green is good, good property and some other characteristics, combining these features, to make their own products propaganda, enhance consumer impression, also can let the customer through some accurate keywords, you can quickly find, so as to produce benefits. read more

in such a position in which you just play with keyword links, preferably in the front at the beginning, when writing the writing good, generally only at the beginning of the best add a keyword is enough, but at the end you can add one or two, the end of which a keyword keyword can be a can and at the beginning of the same, but another is not the same as the beginning of keywords, this effect will be better than what we are without or with too many links too much better.

time and adds the link text, but we also want to add some intermediate link text? If added will have better effect? For this problem I also give you no definitive answer, I can add to the middle part of the link text keywords, also can not add. And my advice is best not to add some links in the middle of the text, because text reader is content, if we add too many links for readers will feel tired, this website friendliness is not so good. So, the middle and it depends, the article is very long words and an anchor text link; the article is not too long if you don’t. read more

online to do Witkey, there are two ways to make money, one is to undertake tasks to make money, and one is to make marketing partners to make money.

to undertake the task of making money, need to rely on real skills. You need to have expertise in design, procedures, planning, and so on. To undertake planning and programming tasks in a task China website I half a year ago, earned nearly 10 thousand yuan, of which the Witkey task 8 standard, 3 standard bidding task, quick task by the employer asked 2 times, up nearly 9000 yuan, equivalent to 3 more than a month wages. read more

first step: landing Z-BLOG background or FTP files b_article-single.html


, 4, Shanghai will have noble baby love breadcrumb into search results, so the optimal name breadcrumb navigation at every level, the use of multiple keywords, can optimize the Shanghai dragon.

story is a cup of Kazakhstan, but we must know that the breadcrumb navigation is doing, is to find a directory, back to the initial position. Then a breadcrumb appears in the website as shown:

a long time ago, at the edge of the forest there lived a poor woodcutter, his wife and two children alone with him. His son named Haensel, daughter named gelaite. Later, his wife died, he married a stepmother to children. The stepmother plans to put the two children to the depths of the forest, and then run away when they are asleep. Haensel accidentally know the stepmother’s plan, then secretly put a piece of bread in his pocket. On the way to the forest, and quietly crumbled his bread, when the ground is not stopped, the broken bread crumbs on the road. After successfully when the children are asleep, wake up, Hansel and Gretel is dark. Haensel comforted his sister said: "the sun comes out, we will see me the crumbs of bread on the ground, it will show us the way home." But when the sun rose, on the ground they couldn’t find a crumb of bread, they are those flying in the woods and fields on a little bird pecking. read more

are in advertising, so why change will improve the user experience, a lot of friends may be very puzzled. But we do not.

recently I found from many sites advertising click tag cloud is no longer jump to before business information aggregation page, but directly transferred to love Shanghai general search page, this page has more than two auction search results. That is to say the user from the common website click on the tag cloud advertising, equivalent to the user in the love of Shanghai home enter a keyword for this tag cloud on advertising. read more

snapshot of the problem here, of course we can be interested in the use of Senior Citizen Search, at least not for harassment, we feel that

said that although Google has been unable to access, but some friends because of the special of the website also needs access to Google, for such problems, how do we solve it? Of course, a friend said the wall can be accessed. Then there are other methods for this problem before? Guard Yuan Kun also mentioned.

or sentence: we encounter the problem is not a problem, because some people have encountered and solved. If you have a problem you can love all sorts of strange things, Shanghai looking for the answer. You can also turn to universal users. I believe we can find a satisfactory answer. read more

their ranking did not rise but drop, which is worth thinking about. The best way is to look at those rankings station, look at others to stand. Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult! In fact, on the whole, there are two reasons, one is lazy, two others is also hard than you. Through the webmaster tools to check the website snapshot, website, website chain actually know what the lack of. When there is no ranking first, every day to write original articles, send the chain, when their first suddenly relaxed, a little smug feeling, no longer updated website, not to advertise their sites, some become lazy, the ranking is a natural thing down. read more

still remember that moment 2012 Qihoo 360 turned out, carrying 360 security browser huge user group, at the beginning of the line to get 10% users, this is not a love Shanghai profound understanding to the crisis. In 360 launched a comprehensive search, is one of the main attack love Shanghai medical promotion contains a large number of false information, violation of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. The love of Shanghai Consumers Association jointly largely in order to prevent the false promotion damage to love Shanghai own brand, with more high quality service to win customers sincere support. read more

the first thing I would say is a field site relevance, importance and authority. Three may the core of all the It is quite common for, is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. But we do when the site really care fully rarely, we need to get the three points in mind, always remind myself to this approach in the optimization process, and ultimately achieve the goal. We want to know which factors affect website ranking:

nine: links to the source web site overall link popularity;

eighth: use the keyword page text in read more

in the stack time keywords a few years ago may play a certain role, but with the search engine group

: a content update may not be good

?Keywords: The

three: do not hide text and links

is the webmaster of hidden text, in order to improve a keyword density, on the one hand increase the correlation of key words in the page, and increase its density, and ordinary users to browse the page is not to see. But don’t think this is favorable to the optimization of search engine, is a kind of non friendly performance, the search engine will often think you are cheating. So for the keyword text hidden webmaster or not to do, lest The loss outweighs the gain. The hidden links and hidden text is of the same nature, sometimes some owners will be sent out in the reverse link to join, actually this search engine is not friendly, still be counterproductive. Not all people do, the chain is difficult to read more


railway station, how to identify high quality keywords to get traffic

collection and website content related keywords. In the major search sites, to find the site useful articles, looking for available materials, such as the use of love Shanghai in search of some associated with the keyword of the website. Then the data classification of these collected, collated into a lattice database to give the corresponding name. Let the site can be compatible with better on these words. Some of our experiences today is to find keywords to share content. read more

website comments function to increase the interactivity of the website, but also to those of us who do network promotion left a "rub" machine. A few years ago, when I was a novice, I stumbled across China’s top ranked military blog, each with tens of thousands of hits. So I decided to catch some fish with him.

wants to make a lot of money is not wrong, but we must understand that the accumulation of wealth is actually like a snowball, the process must be experienced from small to large, only the initial advantage of CAI will be snowball snowball, the advantage will become increasingly evident. Many people’s Web site after the completion of no traffic, learning SEO, and feel confused. The site barely lasted a few months, but eventually gave up. I understand them, the site can not make money without traffic, and can not earn money, who can not stand. Internet is big. Traffic on the Internet is unlimited, but these traffic only belongs to those who understand it". Only those who know it can get unlimited traffic, so they can control traffic as they wish. read more

drive technology thinking

optimization and life can be said to be very similar, life is thinking of it can be fully applied to the network, you can use the Internet thinking to the shop, the first to test their own life, how can you make people happy oh? This question is not to ask you, is I also ask. Do Shanghai, send you four words, a little amount, you have to accept a blow and a moderate amount of suffering, and then to try to add a little amount of stamina and endurance, since you fail, just want to you from the failure to find some sweet, stamina and endurance you spider torture your website the real test is in, if you give up halfway, you will not love spiders. Will you give up. So you can feel the site ranking of happiness, happy taste. Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking is really simple, but also make money online in one of the most stable work. read more

many of the newcomers Shanghai dragon friends, web log analysis is not strange, but for the true love of spiders in Shanghai still can not distinguish, puzzled. In the analysis of owners of Web log will see the spider crawling we love Shanghai ", with more and more developed, many of the acquisition program will also love Shanghai posing as spider crawling our website, so that we cannot discern what is true love Shanghai spiders, according to their operating experience, to share with you how to recognize true love Shanghai spider read more

it is understood that since the Tencent shares Sogou, Sogou search has full access to QQ, QZone, mobile phone QQ browser and other application scenarios, and gradually Tencent social relationships chain into related products, the Sogou search and increase market share has played a great role in promoting.

Tencent strategic investment Sohu Sogou search, then a month waterside pavilion. Yesterday, Sogou search officially launched the "WeChat public platform search, Sogou search at the same time, future will be combined with Tencent QQ products such as mobile phone. read more

can’t do Links, we can do the cross link, Shanghai dragon combat password has been mentioned, one-way links is much higher than the weight transfer exchange links, Guangzhou Shanghai dragon Chen Yong also agree with this view, now the search engine has easily detected exchange links, because exchange links is not a real vote, that it is just a ways of search engine results manipulation, it will affect the quality of the search engine, to affect the search engine quality and tried to control the method of search results, we can all be regarded as cheating, which is why Google against excessive exchange Links and paid links, I believe that love is the same measures in Shanghai. read more

now some Shanghai dragon company, are slowly to the development of the company comprehensive change. Slowly into the ranks of foreign trade. But as a matter of fact, the company set up a Shanghai dragon team is not easy, can raise even more easily, more love Shanghai ranking is not good to do, for the company is losing money, and not to list digest, contract period, but also a refund. So the business operation of the company, has a great impact on the company’s reputation, so some companies love Shanghai list of don’t contact, not to ignore. To attack Google English. Keywords Shanghai love list is easy to contact. read more

external link building is an integral part of the website of Shanghai Phoenix, is an important factor in enhancing a website ranking. In order to increase the weight of the website a lot of people frantically to release the chain. However, the chain is the chain of garbage and high quality of the chain, and not your hair every link is a very good effect on the website. Here I share personal attention outside the chain.

chain because of the better

June love Shanghai big update, K dropped a lot of pregnant women skin care category keywords website, I found that I love Shanghai a stick and killed a group, because these sites are exchanged Links, and most of the friends of the chain up to 50. These sites may have their own problems, which belongs to the low quality of the site, perhaps only one super low quality sites affected them. Although everyone says Links should not be more than 50, but I think for the station, Links should not more than 20. read more