first_imgThe new Sterling Products outlet at the Enmore Mall, East Coast Demerara, is now in full operation as patrons and passers-by have found the ice-cream parlour to be a place of interest for the family, especially since it has the magic of sweet treats.The new location seeks to create fun, positive human engagements and community spirit within the area.The new venture has quickly become a top-quality meeting spot for everyone, since patrons can unwind in a pleasant environment and enjoy the numerous flavours of ice-cream offered.Sterling Products Ltd Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ramsay Ali has revealed that the launching of the Enmore Igloo Ice Cream facility was the continuous flow of a successful business model whereby the company would take its ice-cream to selected locations and make a positive social contribution by getting people from different cultural backgrounds to merge and mix, based on their shared love of sweet treats.The CEO further stated that the Enmore outlet was practically a duplicate of Igloo Ice Cream’s successful outlet at Providence, along the East Bank of Demerara.“What you have seen at Providence is exactly what is happening at Enmore … families are coming out on weekends, especially in the afternoons. They are bringing their children; they are buying ice-cream products and they are using the play area to have some fun…,” Ali said.The CEO elaborated that his company’s business development model had a strong communal aspect that aimed at developing and enhancing communities and family ties.He also explained that the company had plans to establish similar outlets across Guyana, and East Berbice was targeted to be one of the locations next year. In addition, each facility is built and operated according to strict hygienic and safety standards. The Enmore facility’s children’s play-park complies with the highest standards of comfort and safety.last_img read more