The main opposition UNP today condemned violence against places of religious worship saying it is deeply wounding the sentiments of entire communities of people in Sri Lanka.UNP MP Karu Jayasuriya said that the recent escalation of religious tensions in the country has given rise to a deep sense of foreboding and a profound sadness for him, and others in the United National Party. However he says Sri Lanka is staring once more down the abyss of communal and religious strife and perceived differences are threatening to tear the country apart as religion threatens to become the great divide. He said that for too long, Sri Lanka had been a society divided and people from every community and walk of life, were crying out for healing and reconciliation and in the new Sri Lanka, after the end of the conflict, the only identity that should have mattered was the Sri Lankan one. “Our regret is shared by the vast majority of moderates who reside in our society, to whom the actions of a few misguided, malicious elements have been both distasteful and of very serious concern. Any Buddhist citizen of this country would empathise with this sadness and despair, having lived through the violent desecration of this country’s most sacred Buddhist shrine, the Dalada Maligawa by brutal terrorists in 1998.  I am a Buddhist by birth and upbringing. Throughout my life, I have strived to live the teachings of the Great Master. I find great dissonance in the rhetoric of hate, intolerance and anger that is currently being perpetuated in the name of Buddhism. I cannot comprehend this sense of deep insecurity that causes elements of our society to act out this way, when it was the Buddha himself who taught that the Dhamma is best protected by practicing it,” he said.  (Colombo Gazette) read more

first_imgOn 23rd June 2011, JKTech’s Dr Ying Gu was awarded the Innovation Heroes Award for 2011 by The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering at the University of Sydney for his conception and development of the Mineral Liberation Analyser (MLA). This annual award is presented to Australian innovators who have developed new technology, developed it into a product or service, raised capital and commenced sales.The successful commercialisation of the new technology is a key criteria for winning the award, which has been recognising the achievements of Australian innovators since 2003. Recipients of the Innovation Heroes Award are judged not only on the merits of the innovation itself, but also on the overall benefits, economic and otherwise, flowing to Australia from the innovation. As the inventor of the Mineral Liberation Analyser (MLA), Dr Ying Gu, worked closely with his JKTech team for over a decade to establish the MLA as the global leader in automated mineralogy.JKTech’s MLA based service bureau business developed into a JV partnership with ALS in 2007 and the MLA sales business, including the MLA IP, was sold to FEI Company in 2009.  Both businesses continued to benefit significantly from the MLA technology, which resulted from research outcomes produced by the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC).last_img read more