“Due to his big body size, other guests had to assist the crew to restrain the passenger.” MH17 went down in July in rebellion-torn eastern Ukraine after being hit by a surface-to-air missile. All 298 people aboard were killed. A Malaysia Airlines flight to Colombo had to turn back to Kuala Lumpur due to a drunk passenger, the national carrier said on Sunday, according to the AFP news agency.Flight MH179 had taken off from Kuala Lumpur late on Saturday. The airline said the plane was forced to return to “ensure safety and comfort of those onboard” and the unruly passenger had been handed over to authorities.The flag carrier did not give other details. “The intoxicated passenger started harassing Malaysia Airlines’ crew shortly after the flight was airborne,” the company said in a statement. Flight MH370, carrying 239 people, disappeared in March after inexplicably diverting from its Kuala Lumpur-Beijing course. No trace of the aircraft has been found. Flightradar24 had tweeted early Sunday that the plane was returning after two hours of “fuel burn to reduce landing weight”.AFP could not immediately reach Malaysia Airlines for comment.The carrier suffered two major aviation tragedies last year. read more

by News Staff Posted Dec 11, 2014 8:34 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Canadian oil companies cut capital budgets, dividends for 2015 Markets are poised for a bounce-back day Thursday, but crude still opened just above $60 a barrel, and for city built on oil it’s starting to have an effect on Calgarians, who are looking nervously to the future.A contributing factor is that oil companies are starting to slash their capital budgets and their dividends.Baytex Energy will spend 30 per cent less next year, and reduce monthly dividend payments to 10 cents a share from 24 cents.Trilogy Energy Corp. has completely done away with its monthly divided and has announced a 38 per cent cut to 2015 capital spending.Precision Drilling Corp. expects 2015 capital spending to be 44 per cent lower than this year and will hold off building more oil rigs until oil prices improve.Canadian Oil Sands Ltd., the largest owner of the Syncrude Canada Ltd. oilsands project, reduced its quarterly dividend by 42 per cent and its capital budget by nearly half.The energy industry has been waiting to see what Canada’s No. 2 independent oil producer, Cenovus, would do and on Thursday it laid out next year’s budget, which has plans to exercise capital restraint, with cash flow expected to be down almost 30 per cent, but it looks like it will keep its dividend intact.They will restrict capital investment by 15 per cent and will target their spending on producing rather than building.There’s no question companies are taking a conservative approach to 2015, but Scotia Bank Commodity Market Specialist Patricia Mohr told 660News they do reflect the market.“The drilling activity is going to slow quite markedly and eventually, possibly by the second half of next year, the market may stabilize,” she said. “Companies very seldom reduce production for engineering reasons and so I think that production is not going to be scaled back but capital spending will be.”If oil prices do recover in 2015, Mohr explained, most companies have contingencies where they could step up drilling activity. read more

by Linda Nguyen, The Canadian Press Posted May 15, 2017 9:33 am MDT Last Updated May 15, 2017 at 4:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TSX, Wall Street kick off trading week with broad gains, as oil climbs TORONTO – Major stock indices in Canada and the United States finished higher Monday as investors seemed to shrug off a number of emerging geopolitical risks.In Toronto, the S&P/TSX composite index climbed 91.59 points to 15,629.47, helped largely by a one per cent jump from the energy sector.Investors were buoyed amid news that OPEC’s most influential member, Saudi Arabia, and non-OPEC member Russia have both said they want to extend oil production cuts through the first quarter of 2018 — in a move the two major producers say would support the market price.The two countries say they plan on meeting with other producers to get them on board with the agreement before the scheduled OPEC meeting May 25 in Vienna.In late November, OPEC agreed to cut production by 1.2 million barrels per day, the first such reduction agreement since 2008. The following month, 11 non-OPEC oil-producing countries pledged to cut another 558,000 bpd, bringing the overall reduction to 1.8 million bpd.The move is an effort by oil producers to boost prices, as crude futures trade around US$50 a barrel, less than half their level from early 2014, though above the low of below US$30 in early 2015.Canadian markets strategist Craig Fehr said this news will help decrease volatility in crude prices.“It looks like there is some stability in oil prices in the near term and it’s going to come from the fact that major producers overseas appear to be committed to trying to prop up prices,” said Fehr, who works at Edward Jones in St. Louis.The June crude contract was up $1.01 at US$48.85 per barrel, but the June natural gas contract was down eight cents at US$3.35 per mmBTU.The higher oil price helped the Canadian dollar, which finished 0.39 of a U.S. cent higher to an average value of 73.31 cents US.Other commodities were also positive as the June gold contract climbed $2.30 at US$1,230 an ounce and the July copper contract was up two cents at US$2.54 a pound.In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average gained 85.33 points to 20,981.94.The broader S&P 500 index added 11.42 points at 2,402.32, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq composite index was ahead 28.44 points to 6,149.67 — both finishing with record closes.Fehr said markets seemed to be ignoring the growing geopolitical risks from a “ransomware” cyberattack that spread to thousands of computers worldwide, to bubbling tensions between the U.S. and North Korea.Instead, investors are continuing to stay focused on fundamentals such as strong corporate earnings growth and economic data.“It’s been a little bit too quiet on the equity front. We’re due for a little more volatility because I don’t think equity markets are going to be willing to ignore these geopolitical risks forever,” he said.“The longer we go without any real drama on the equity markets, the more painful it is going to feel when we do get a pullback.”— With files from The Associated PressFollow @LindaNguyenTO on Twitter. read more

This week, the UN News Centre met with Mr. Ging, a veteran UN relief official, and asked him about his trip to the hardest-hit countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – and his hopes and plans for the next phase of the Ebola response. UN News Centre: What can you tell us about your recent trip to West Africa?John Ging: Well, as you might expect, it’s been something that has impressed me. The scale, of course, of this crisis is unprecedented, with, 22,000 people across three countries affected by the virus and over 9,000 dying tragically. But of course, [there is] also this dimension of fear because there is no cure although a lot of people have survived, and also how contagious it is, how rapidly it spreads. Now, what has impressed me is the degree of community mobilization in the face of this massive tragedy. It’s been incredible to see how communities have faced this fear and actually overcome it. There’s been very impressive international engagement, heroic international staff in so many international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), also public servants who have gone out there, medical workers, and military being deployed, by the United States and the United Kingdom in particular. All on the front line. In Ebola-affected Guinea, children, supervised by an adult, play outdoors in a large circle in the village of Meliandou in Guéckédou Prefecture, Nzérékoré Region. Photo: UNICEF/Mark NaftalinThis endeavour has been a team effort – locally, nationally and internationally. And thankfully, now, the crisis has been turned from Ebola having the initiative and being out of control to the international and national endeavour having the initiative and working towards the elimination of the crisis.UN News Centre: And going forward, OCHA’s about to deploy Emergency Response Teams. What can you tell us about that?John Ging: Well, OCHA has deployed over 166 staff in this crisis, so we’ve been there throughout but we have been integrated in UNMEER (the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response) for example and also in support of the resident coordinators in each of the countries. We now look at the situation, of course, as in transition from the immediate effort to combat the advance of Ebola, to the next phase, which is the elimination of Ebola…the hardest mile, I might add, in that effort. It’s very tough, so [there’s] no room for complacency. But for us on the OCHA side, there are other humanitarian consequences that are now falling out from this crisis: 10,000 orphans; the stigmatization of Ebola survivors and their psychosocial and physical issues; kids are all out of school for again the past year almost. It’s livelihoods…the people who have died are predominantly those who are family breadwinners. There’s a lot of humanitarian consequences at the grassroots level. The health systems have collapsed in the face of this crisis. They were very weak to begin with. Health workers are the ones that have been most exposed and sadly and tragically, hundreds have died. Highly contaminated waste is removed from an Ebola Treatment Unit and carried with caution to a disposal area, where it will be fed into an incinerator that burns it into ashes. Photo: WHO/R. SørensenSo there’s a massive recovery here that is required, and on the OCHA side, we have to play our role in supporting our humanitarian partners, international NGOs, and UN agencies in the next phase of this endeavour.UN News Centre: Can you tell us a little more about the wider humanitarian situation in the affected countries?John Ging: Well, the first impact of course is on the families themselves [as] most of the people who’ve lost their lives are in the category of being the breadwinner for families. Now, those families are very vulnerable because they have lost their source of income. We also have a situation where survivors – the orphans – some 10,000 children, have lost one or both parents. Also, the delivery of basic public services in healthcare and education and other services have basically been overrun by the consequences of this crisis. So, medical centres are not functioning. They all have to be re-established. Schools have been closed. They have to be re-opened. There’s a huge amount of work to do at the community level – humanitarian work to help people to recover, in terms of their health, education, and livelihood support. And that’s where we on the OCHA side want to work and support our partners in helping with the things that we do around coordination, fundraising and international advocacy. After being kept closed for three months due to the Ebola outbreak, schools across Guinea reopened on 19 January 2015. Photo: UNMEER/Martine PerretUN News Centre: Earlier you mentioned that there is “no room for complacency.” What exactly do you mean by complacency? What are we trying to avoid?John Ging: Well, the fight against Ebola has been going on now for over a year. It’s been at a heightened pace of response for the last six months or so, but the first case broke out in Guinea in December 2013, so the communities have been living with this and aid workers on the front line have been fighting this for well over a year. And one can understand that there’s exhaustion. There’s exhaustion mentally and also physically at the community level. They wish it was over; they wish they could get back to their normal lives. There’s exhaustion also among aid workers, who have been on the front lines for so long. But we have to make sure that we are giving the international support needed to conclude this fight, because if there is any complacency now, then this virus will come back very quickly. We have seen that. We’ve seen how powerful it is in terms of its ability to spread quickly and infect very large numbers of people. It does not respect borders. So there has to be a lot of effort now in this phase towards elimination, to get to zero cases in all of the affected countries – following through on, first and foremost, keeping the communities motivated. Two women in Monrovia, Liberia, walk in front of a billboard, which says “Ebola must go. Stopping Ebola is Everybody’s Business.” Photo: UNMIL/Emmanuel TobeyThey’re the key. People identifying when they’re sick…coming forward for treatment. Therefore, they’re protecting their families but they’re also increasing their chances of surviving. That’s also important in our messaging – survival is possible. Thousands have survived. Early detection, early treatment, that’s the key to survival. And then, of course, that we’re providing support for them in treatment and also for their families. It’s also important that communities are not allowed to lose hope. And that’s where we need tangible support around the other issues – livelihood support, public services, healthcare, education, and so forth. This will ensure that people feel international solidarity is not just with them for the fight against Ebola, but with them in the recovery effort as well.UN News Centre: This week, we have seen a spike in the numbers of Ebola cases. What does that mean for the response? John Ging: What it means is that’s the reality of the fight against this virus. This virus is not going to give up easily and if anyone wants evidence against complacency, then there [it is]. People are working day and night, around the clock and yet this was not a good week. But hopefully, next week will be a better week because when one looks back over the last months, one can have confidence. There’s a heroic effort going on, superb leadership – at the community level, at the national level and also in the international engagement. It’s effective, and again, if it continues to get the support in resources, [the response effort] will succeed. But again, the message out there from everybody is ‘no room for complacency.’ Success is not achieved until Ebola is eliminated.UN News Centre: Once eliminated, once we reach zero cases, how do we stay there?John Ging: This is where the development of the healthcare systems is key, and also having the capacity to respond much more quickly and much more effectively if there is another outbreak. You know, there are countries like the Congo where it’s endemic, but outbreaks do not result in a catastrophe. They are managed because people know what to do and there is the competence to deal with it. I do feel, of course, that communities have been very sensitized to the dangers of this virus in West Africa so there is a high level of awareness. But then, [we must ask] is the medical system capable to actually deal with that? So, there must be a legacy here of our engagement; that we have helped to capacitate the medical systems in these countries so that if they face new cases in the future, they will have the response capacity to quickly contain the outbreak and bring it back to zero. In addition of course, we also need to realize that the wider healthcare system is key, because this region [is] malaria endemic and the symptoms are very common, in the initial phase, between malaria and Ebola. So you need very competent health workers [that remain] vigilant at all times. And that’s why we’ve been saying that part of the recovery and the legacy of this outbreak has to be that we build back better in support of the communities and the countries themselves, particularly on the healthcare side. Daily life in Freetown, Sierra Leone, one of three West African countries most affected by the outbreak of the Ebola virus. Photo: World Bank/Dominic ChavezUN News Centre: What specifically is OCHA’s focus going forward?John Ging: Well, OCHA’s focus is, as it is everywhere, [to] support humanitarian organizations in three principle functions. One is on the information side. We are facilitating the information because our partners need to know what the situation is…who’s doing what [and] where, to avoid overlap and duplication. And also to generate effective advocacy around the response that is needed. The second thing we do is we facilitate operational coordination, bringing people together so again, that we can help support the best focused [response] in efficiency and effectiveness. And finally, in humanitarian financing – the fundraising dimension to all this. OCHA manages the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), also launches the global appeals for our humanitarian partners and we see that as something that is going to be very important moving forward – that we continue to be able to generate the international engagement…the generosity of our Member States – to help these people who have been so devastated by this crisis to recover. And it is possible in the short-term to actually support a recovery here, so it’s an investment that’s worth making. The people [in the affected region] most definitely deserve our support. read more

The UK new car market has seen peaks and troughs in the past 15 years, but changing buying habits have been a constant throughout this period, with two trends standing out.The market for small cars (Mini and Supermini segments) has grown considerably, supported by lower running costs and advances in comfort and safety levels.A trend particularly evident in the past five years is the growth of the Dual Purpose (4×4, crossovers) and Multi Purpose vehicles as buyers seek extra space, style and versatility.Click through to download the full November 2014 new car registrations news release and data table.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “Six months after the record was broken for consecutive monthly growth in new car registrations, the market continues to march on. Today’s figures are an indication of the continuing economic confidence that is driving the new car market, with business, fleet and private registrations all showing strong rises in the month. We expect a more stable market in 2015.“Demand for ULEVs is growing strongly, and we welcome the Chancellor’s commitment to support the chargepoint network for electric vehicles, as well as ULEV R&D in the UK.” New car registrations grew for the 33rd consecutive month in November, up 8.0% to 172,327 units.2,310,237 cars registered in the year-to-date, a rise of 9.4% and ahead of the 2013 full-year total.Market continues to exceed expectations amid still-rising consumer confidence.SMMT welcomes government confirmation of £75 million to support ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) in the UK as part of this week’s roads investment strategy. Changing habits: the downsizing trend and the growth of Dual Purpose and MPVs UK new car registrations (rolling-year total) vs. GFK consumer confidence index – 2010-2014 read more

The Ohio State men’s and women’s cross-country teams look to redeem themselves at a championship meet this weekend and qualify for the NCAA Championships. The Buckeyes will run at the Great Lakes Regionals on Saturday in Toledo. The men and women are looking to rebound from their fifth- and ninth-place finishes, respectively, at the Big Ten Championships on Oct. 30. Finishing close to the top of the field is the goal for both teams. A top-two finish results in an automatic bid to the NCAA Championships, but with highly ranked teams on both sides, OSU is aiming just outside second place. The No.1-ranked Wisconsin Badgers and No. 7 Indiana Hoosiers highlight the men’s field, with Big Ten Champion Michigan State as the leader on the women’s side. “I think we need to be third to make it to nationals,” OSU men’s head coach Robert Gary said. “That’s certainly the No. 1 goal for the season, so we’ll see.” Redshirt senior Taylor Williams agreed with his coach. “The goal is always to get one of those top-two automatic spots. Realistically, those spots will go to Wisconsin and Indiana,” he said. “I think third would definitely put us in a good position.” Women’s assistant coach Chris Neal said the women want to repeat their regional-meet success from years past. “We’ve been top five (at the Great Lakes Regional) two years in a row and we’re looking to extend that streak to three years,” he said. Tightening up the spread from their No. 1 to No. 5 runner will be the key to success for OSU this weekend, according to the coaches. “I’d like to see us get five to six guys on a 20-second spread,” Gary said. Neal echoed similar thoughts for the women. “We’ll need to run the first half of the race like we did (at the Big Ten Championships) and clean up the back half of our pack,” Neal said. Tori Brink, a junior on the women’s team, is confident her team’s spread will tighten. “We all train together and run together and we are always right there with each other, it shouldn’t be any different in a race,” she said. The men will not be at full strength for the third meet in a row. Jake Edwards, a former Big Ten Runner of the Week, injured his hamstring at the Notre Dame Invitational on Sept. 30 and hasn’t run competitively since. With Edwards out, junior Donny Roys and Williams will lead the way for the men. Roys was the Buckeyes top runner at the Big Ten Championships, finishing 19th in 24:21. Williams covered the 8K-course in 24:24 on way to a 21st place. Junior Tori Brink and redshirt senior Jordan Jennewine finished 23rd and 32nd, respectively, at the Big Ten Championships and should lead the way for the women on Saturday. Based on how they perform on Saturday, the Buckeyes cross-country seasons will either come to an end, or will continue with a berth in the NCAA Championships in Terre Haute, Ind. on Nov. 21. read more

first_imgBOSTON’S POLICE CHIEF said today his department was not briefed on a Russian intelligence warning about alleged bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev ahead of last month’s devastating marathon blasts.Russian authorities had alerted the FBI in 2011 that Tsarnaev, an ethnic Chechen and legal US resident who authorities say set the bombs with his younger brother, may have been radicalized.And federal authorities in Washington were also aware of his travels to Russia’s southern region of Dagestan last year, perhaps to join underground groups.In the first congressional hearing into the deadly double bombing, lawmakers expressed outrage, particularly at a lack of intelligence sharing that left Boston officials in the dark about potential terror threats.“My understanding is that at no time prior to the bombing did any member of Massachusetts State Police or the (intelligence-gathering) fusion center have any knowledge of the Tsarnaev brothers,” Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis told the House Homeland Security Committee.He and another official, Massachusetts Undersecretary for Homeland Security Kurt Schwartz, testified that the intelligence information was never shared with their departments.Edward Davis testifies on the Boston bombings (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)Davis said he was not made aware that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had launched its own probe of the Tsarnaevs after the Russian alert, and he learned about the older brother’s background only after he was killed in a shootout with police three days after the bombings.“My fear is the bombers may have succeeded because our system failed”Such shortcomings are resurrecting concerns about the “stove-piping” of intelligence data within US agencies — a problem highlighted in the aftermath of the failed attempt by “underwear bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab of Nigeria to blow up a commercial airliner on Christmas Day 2009.Republican Michael McCaul, who chairs the panel, sounded incredulous about US officials’ inability to coordinate data.“My fear is that the Boston bombers may have succeeded because our system failed,” he said. The idea that the feds have the information and it’s not shared with the state and locals defies why we created a Department of Homeland Security in the first place.The FBI, perhaps in an effort to deflect accusations it was hoarding intelligence, assured that all local members of a Joint Terrorism Task Force have “unrestricted access” to counter-terrorism data and are “responsible for maintaining awareness of possible threats to their respective jurisdictions.”And FBI Boston’s Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers made clear that Boston police “specifically had representatives assigned to the JTTF squad that conducted the 2011 assessment of deceased terrorism suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.”Davis acknowledged in the hearing that his department has access to “all the databases,” but it was not directly made aware of the Tsarnaevs, and he said he “absolutely” would have followed up on them had he been briefed on the FBI probe and the Russian alert.Ex-senator Joseph Lieberman, who worked at length on improving US security after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, testified that the latest missteps were an “aggravating omission.”“Why didn’t they involve local law enforcement, who could have stayed on this case?” Lieberman asked. “How do you explain it? People are imperfect.”Concerned Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee said “it still baffles all of us” that Tsarnaev’s Russia trip did not trigger heightened intelligence gathering on the brothers.Davis said it was too early to start pointing fingers.“I’m not ready to vilify anybody at this point in time, but there are questions that need to be answered,” he told reporters.TestimonyIn his testimony, Davis called for heightened security and surveillance technology at major public events in order to help thwart attacks.“In the future, we will need to deploy more assets, including technology, cameras, undercover officers and specialized units,” he said, while insisting that constitutional liberties must be upheld.“I do not endorse actions that move Boston and our nation into a police state mentality, with surveillance cameras attached to every light pole in the city.”Meanwhile, police in Massachusetts said Tsarnaev’s body finally had been buried, following a row over what to do with the remains.“His body is no longer in the City of Worcester and is now entombed,” the local police department said in a statement, without providing a location of the burial.- © AFP, 2013Read: Family claims body of dead Boston Marathon bombing suspect >Read: Three charged with Boston bombing cover-up > Read: Leading anti-death penalty lawyer to defend Boston bombings suspect >last_img read more

first_imgEven though World of Warcfraft has lost in the region of 800,000 players in the last quarter, it’s still the biggest MMO out there by far. And it is still managing to generate Blizzard a ton of money every month just from subscription charges. Just how much money WoW brings in isn’t known exactly, but how about if I told you Blizzard generated $26 million from players who just wanted to make their accounts more secure?Those millions have been generated from the sale of the Battle.net Authenticator, which apparently 40% of WoW players now use. The Authenticator is a small electronic device that displays a code when a button is pressed that players input to access their account. In so doing, their account is less prone to being hacked due to the two-factor authentication it allows. As it’s a small and portable device, meaning you can attach it to a key chain and take it with you, making WoW login possible anywhere. To get one of these Authenticators Blizzard demands $6.50 on the Blizzard store, but they’ve been nice enough to offer free delivery. That’s not much on a per player basis, but when millions of players buy them you can see how $26 million can be generated alongside those healthy subscription charges.Checking out the Blizzard online store you can see a whole range of other non-game items to purchase. Collectibles, books, tabletop games, even apparel. Blizzard is clearly milking the World of Warcraft IP for all it’s worth, and will cotninue to do so for the foreseeable future. More at CrossTheWirelast_img read more

first_imgAC Milan are a long way off from being in any position to challenge Juventus right now, admits club icon Paolo MaldiniThe Rossoneri are only 14th in the Serie A standings with just one win in their first three games of the new season.And Maldini, who returned to Milan this summer as a Sporting Strategy & Development Director, admits that it will take time to get the club back into a position to challenge Juventus.“Projects are important, but you can’t yet compare Milan to Juventus,” he told Sky Italia.“The anti-Juventus? Let’s be serious, we’re still a long way off being that,Mario Mandzukic, JuventusJuventus confirm Mario Mandzukic could leave this month Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Sporting director Fabio Paratici confirmed reports that Mario Mandzukic could leave Juventus for a move to an unnamed Qatari team.“We’re aiming to reach the top four in the league and have a great run in the Europa League.“This is a serious project, we want to take Milan back to the highest levels.”Milan last won the Serie in the 2010/11 season and have been unable to finish higher than sixth in the past five years.Gennaro Gattuso’s side will take on Dudelange in the Europa League on Thursday before another league fixture against Atalanta on Sunday.last_img read more

first_img Related Items:#44yearoldmanfounddead, #formerPremierhitandrun, #magneticmedianews Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, March 20, 2017 – Providenciales – Police are looking into several matters from the weekend including the hit and run of former Premier Rufus Ewing.   Ewing was out cycling in the Bight on Sunday morning when he was clipped by a passing vehicle, that person did not stop.  Dr. Ewing said the impact was not enough to throw him from the bicycle, but he decided to report the matter to police anyway.Man found dead.  No word as yet on how they are ruling the death, but an expat, said to be from Ireland was found dead in his home.   Police got the call around 5pm on Saturday and confirmed to Magnetic Media on Sunday that a 44 year old man was found dead.   No other details were provided.#MagneticMediaNews#formerPremierhitandrun#44yearoldmanfounddead Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Hit & Run involving former Premier Rufus Ewing, says he is fine…last_img read more

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, December 6, 2017 – Nassau – Twenty-five of the world’s top sailors of Star Sailors League paid a Courtesy Call on Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, Governor General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, on December 4, at Government House, Mount Fitzwilliam.   Afterwards, the Sailors held their Official Opening Ceremony, also at Government House, for the Star Sailors League Finals to be held at Montagu Foreshore, a choice sailing spot, to be viewed worldwide this weekend, livestreamed for fans to enjoy the racing action.Hi-tech cameras will be on the water capturing the action and giving the home viewer a virtual reality experience of the racing drama, including Virtual Eye 3D Graphics, to intensify the thrill of watching.   In this fifth edition, Star Sailors League will showcase 25 teams racing in The Bahamas, December 5-9, hosted by the Nassau Yacht Club.  This week, there will be four days of qualifying the top 10 teams to head to the finals.   The winning team takes home the lion’s share of the $200,000 Prize Purse.The Star Sailors League has a roster of World Championship members, seven of whom are Gold Medalists, of the 25 Olympic Medals that they proudly wear. They represent Olympic and big boat classics, America’s Cup and Louis Vuitton, the Volvo Ocean Race, and, for the first time, the ‘solo around-the-world-navigator.’By: Gena Gibbs (BIS)Photo captions:Header: World’s top sailors, Star Sailors League, take group photo with Minister of Agriculture & Marine Resources, the Hon. Renward Wells (centre), December 4, 2017, at Government House.   (BIS Photo/Patrick Hanna)Insert: Star Sailors League at Courtesy Call with Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, Governor General (seated centre), at Government House, December 4, 2017.  (BIS Photo/Patrick Hanna) Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

first_img Popular on Variety Spotify is giving some of its members an early holiday gift: The company is gifting subscribers to its $14.99 family plan a free Google Home Mini speaker, it announced Wednesday morning.The music service is using the offer to tout its close integration with Google’s voice assistant, which allows Google Home owners to request songs, albums and playlists as well as issue playback controls with voice commands.Google Home speakers can also be personalized to individually recognize the voice of up to six household members, which can be used to access individual Spotify family plan profiles.The Google Home Mini offer is available for new as well as existing Spotify family plan subscribers, and has to be redeemed between November 1 and December 31. It’s also limited to subscribers in the U.S., and there is another caveat: Subscribers have to pay Spotify directly, and not via a third party like an app store or a telco. The latter also explains why the offer may be a good deal for Spotify: Moving family plan subscribers who signed up through third-party payment providers over to direct billing relationships can save the company up to $4.50 per month. Over the life of a paid subscription, this more than makes up for the one-time expense of a relatively inexpensive piece of hardware.center_img ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15last_img read more

first_imgMichael Thomsen, the Project Manager for Dart announced the stable release of the general purpose programming language, Dart 2.2. This version, which is an incremental update to v2, offers improved performance of ahead-of-time (AOT) compiled native code and a new set literal language feature. Improvements in Dart 2.2 Improved AOT performance Developers have worked on improving the AOT performance by 11–16% on microbenchmarks (at the cost of a ~1% increase in code size). Prior to this optimization, developers had to make several lookups to an object pool to determine the destination address. However, the optimized AOT code is now able to call the destination directly using a PC-relative call. Extended Literals to support sets Dart supported the literal syntax only for Lists and Maps, which caused difficulties in initializing Sets as it had to be initialized via a list as follows: Set currencies = Set.of([‘EUR’, ‘USD’, ‘JPY’]); This code proved to be inefficient due to the lack of literal support and also made currencies a compile-time constant. With Dart 2.2’s extension of literals to support sets, users can initialize a set and make it const using a convenient new syntax: const Set currencies = {‘EUR’, ‘USD’, ‘JPY’}; Updated Dart language Specification Dart 2.2 includes the up-to-date ‘Dart language specification’ with the spec source moved to a new language repository. Developers have also added continuous integration to ensure a rolling draft specification is generated in PDF format as and when the specification for future versions of the Dart language evolves. Both the 2.2 version and rolling Dart 2.x specifications are available on the Dart specification page. To know more about this announcement in detail, visit Michael Thomsen’s blog on Medium. Read Next Google Dart 2.1 released with improved performance and usability Google’s Dart hits version 2.0 with major changes for developers Is Dart programming dead already?last_img read more

first_imgPercussionist and singer Pedrito Martínez, seen in this undated photo, has appeared on more than 100 recordings. Martin Cohen photo For so many North American eardrums, the story of Afro-Cuban music begins and ends with Buena Vista Social Club.The beloved 1997 album — and the 1999 documentary about the unlikely studio sessions that birthed it — transformed a crew of forgotten Cuban maestros into world-renowned players whose songs would cast an immense, singular shadow.Roberto Fonseca is quite literally stepping out of it. His new album, “Yo,” lunges in fantastic and unexpected directions while remaining rooted in Afro-Cuban musical traditions — traditions the 38-year-old Havana pianist became highly fluent in during the years he spent performing alongside Buena Vista alums, including the late vocalist Ibrahim Ferrer.“For me, playing with them was like going to the son montuno school,” Fonseca said, referring to the percolating style that forms much of Cuba’s sonic DNA. “I was trying to learn how to play and how to feel.”Across “Yo,” Fonseca’s touch ranges from lightning-lithe to thunderously heavy, often holding the music’s melodic and percussive center at once. He comes out swinging with “80s,” a thrilling album-starter that resembles Nigerian Afrobeat, with chattering rhythms and vintage jazz fusion in its oily electronic timbres. Dizzying and dazzling, it sounds like falling down the stairs and landing on your feet.“To me, music doesn’t have frontiers, doesn’t have borders,” Fonseca says over the phone from a tour stop in New Orleans, perhaps the only city in this hemisphere crammed with more musical magic per square foot than Havana. “When people listen to my music, they feel good, even if they’re not from Cuba.”Fonseca has helped push Afro-Cuban music further into the 21st century on other recordings, too — his work with British dubstep pioneer Mala produced an intriguing 2012 album called “Mala in Cuba.” But, Fonseca said, his desire to move Cuban music ahead feels more personal, almost internal.“It would have been easy to name myself ‘the Buena Vista Social Club new generation,’ ” Fonseca said. “But now it’s my career, and people are really accepting. We are starting from zero here, and I’m feeling really good. My music is my life, and my life is my music.”New York percussionist and singer Pedrito Martínez seems to be following similar impulses on the excellent, eponymous debut album from the Pedrito Martínez Group, out Tuesday.The album grinds the band leader’s original compositions up against tunes made famous by Led Zeppelin and the Jackson 5 — all played with a zeal that should burnish Martinez’s reputation as one of the most vital and charismatic Afro-Latin percussionists on the planet. The 40-year-old conga player first learned Cuba’s rhythmic dialects in the streets of Havana, but he said his curiosity is continuously stoked by the music of New York City.“Everything comes from tradition, and what you do is add,” Martínez said over the telephone. “It’s Afro-Cuban music interpreted by someone who’s been in the United States for 15 years.”Martínez first left his native Cuba for a tour of Canada in 1998, and in 2000, took first place at the Thelonious Monk International Afro-Latin Jazz Hand Drum Competition, held at the Kennedy Center. Since then, he’s appeared on more than 100 recordings, all while performing regularly at private Santeria ceremonies at apartments across various New York boroughs.His group — an ace quartet that includes keyboardist Ariacne Trujillo, bassist Álvaro Benavides and percussionist Jhair Sala — still maintains a weekly residency at Guantanamera, a Cuban restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. Martínez said the gig has helped him learn to a play with a dynamism and intensity that can rip across rooms of any size.“We made this band in a little restaurant where people are eating and talking,” Martínez said. “You don’t know how they’re going to react when you start getting loud and excited. But I get up there and do what I know how to do. I do it from the bottom of my heart. And that’s what they feel.”© 2013, The Washington Post  Facebook Commentscenter_img Related posts:Analysis: Obama-Castro handshake offers hope for US-Cuba ties Freedom eludes Cubans U.S. woman, 64, makes history with Cuba-Florida swim Ties between North Korea, Cuba hinted at in route of seized freighterlast_img read more

first_imgYears ago, a few days after Christmas, a friend called and in the course of the conversation asked if we’d heard that Fidel Castro had died.It hadn’t been reported on the early news, and, remember, this was 2005, when Castro was still hale and hearty.There was nothing on the newsbreaks during the day, or on the midday news, and nothing on the Internet that we could find. That seemed strange; whether you love Castro, hate him or couldn’t care less, he makes news.Later in the day, I went to visit some friends near Alajuela, northwest of San José. They, too, were surprised at the demise of Castro. They reported it to a neighbor, who hadn’t heard anything either.Reality hit as the day wore on. It was Dec. 28! Innocents’ Day.Innocents’ Day goes back to the biblical story of King Herod, who killed all the babies in Judea but was tricked by the Holy Family who fled to Egypt.During the Middle Ages in Spain and other countries, it became a day of tricks and practical jokes, sort of like April Fools’ Day on April 1. The custom is not as common now, but in Costa Rica, every year San José’s Simón Bolívar Zoo gets calls for “Señor León” and “Ella Fante.”Most tricks are mild and truly innocent. A coin is glued to the sidewalk and everyone tries to pick it up. A ¢1,000 bill on the ground is attached to a thread and jerked out of reach when you try to enrich yourself. A gift-wrapped package on your desk at work turns out to be an empty box. You’re told to meet someone on the corner at 3 p.m. and at 4 p.m. realize you’ve been tricked.On the more serious side, the man at the store may toss you a bag of eggs, or someone may snatch a bag of potato chips right out of your hand. Or all the benches in the park are bedecked with “wet paint” signs.On the horrible side, one year at the year-end festival in Zapote, southeast of San José, some demonic-minded person threw a big rag doll from the top of the roller coaster, leaving the crowds screaming. Because the camera crew from a leading TV station was there to film it, they were suspected of being part of the plot.Even the mighty get caught, as one major newspaper did when it printed a false obituary that came in just at deadline on Dec. 28.Is it possible for an entire village to be fooled on Innocents’ Day? It happened when a truck went up the road around noon with a sound system announcing a collection of bottles, cans and newspapers for recycling. This is a common charity activity, so in every house folks gathered up their bottles, cans and paper and hauled it all out to the road expecting that the truck would pass through villages farther up the road and come back. It never returned, and late in the afternoon the entire village, feeling foolish, retrieved their bottles, cans and papers and stuffed them back into storage.It was Dec. 28.Originally published Dec. 22, 2006. Facebook Comments Related posts:Google doodle recognizes Children’s Day in Costa Rica Police seize $1 million collection of pre-Columbian art in Santa Ana PHOTOS: Lantern parade and torch kick off Costa Rica Independence Day festivities PHOTOS: Snapshots of Costa Rica’s Independence Day Paradelast_img read more

first_img by Philippe Sotto, The Associated Press Posted Jan 18, 2018 10:00 am PDT Last Updated Jan 18, 2018 at 2:00 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Brigitte Bardot: ‘MeToo’ actresses are ‘hypocritical’ FILE – In this Thursday Sept. 28, 2006 file picture, former French actress and sex-symbol Brigitte Bardot acknowledges applause prior to a press conference in Paris, France, as part of the 20th anniversary of her foundation for animal rights, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. Bardot says most actresses are “hypocritical” and “ridiculous” in protesting sexual harassment because, she said, many of them “tease” producers to land film parts. (AP Photo/Remy de la Mauviniere, File) center_img PARIS – Former French actress and sex symbol Brigitte Bardot said in an interview published Thursday that she thinks most actresses protesting sexual harassment in the film industry are “hypocritical” and “ridiculous” because many play “the teases” with producers to land parts.The star of “And God Created Woman” also said in the interview with weekly Paris-Match magazine that in her view, so many actresses are coming out with sexual misconduct allegations “so that we talk about them.”Bardot, 83, is the second French film legend to distance herself from the worldwide protest movement against sexual misconduct, known as the #MeToo campaign. Last week, Catherine Deneuve signed a collective op-ed that said “insistent or clumsy hitting-on is not a crime.”Bardot, who is known as an animal rights activist these days but inspired the term “sex kitten” as a young actress, said she never had been a victim of sexual harassment and found it “charming to be told that I was beautiful or that I had a nice little ass.”“This kind of compliment is pleasant,” she said.Bardot said her comments on sexual misconduct only concerned actresses, not women in general. She added that actresses campaigning against sexual harassment in the entertainment industry are “of no interest.”“This (issue) takes the place of important topics that could be discussed” instead in the news, she arguedAs for actresses who allege they have been victims of misconduct, Bardot suggested they might become the targets of a personal backlash instead of the publicity she thinks they want.“Actually, rather than benefit them, it only harms them,” Bardot said.In an open letter published last week in Le Monde newspaper, Deneuve and 100 or so performers, scholars and other prominent French women said men are being unfairly accused of sexual misconduct and harassment and should be free to hit on women.The signatories argued that the “legitimate protest against sexual violence” stemming from the Harvey Weinstein scandal had gone too far and threatened hard-won sexual freedoms.After the op-ed encountered intense criticism in the French press and on social media, Deneuve, who is known as a women’s advocate, apologized to victims of “odious” acts of sexual abuse.Bardot has a different profile. Since ending her acting career more than four decades ago, she has dedicated herself to the cause of animal welfare. Politically, she defines herself as a right-wing conservative.Bardot also has been convicted of multiple racial hatred offences for comments about Islam and the Muslim community.last_img read more

The CSKA Moscow attacking midfielder has not featured since coming off with a hamstring injury in the first half of the opening match,Pawlenty, which had penetrated the Elgar Parishad on 31 December, JD(U) and 7 Naga Nationalist Political Groups (NNPGs). plans and specifications should be ready to be submitted to the MPCA by March of 2017, "We can meet at your earliest convenience with the appropriate EPA staff to discuss this matter further. boy, he acknowledged he put others in danger with his actions and he knew there was a strong law enforcement presence in the area at the time. Topics: News World newsChelsea owner Roman Abramovich, The disgraced footballer.

you will see long queues of consumers, How to send the best emails to your customers In The Customer Support Handbook: How to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience For Your Brand, “And who knows where this storys going? Rumors that Apple may be making a car have been floating for months, that we don’t fully understand. Allan M. Apples latest operating system,上海贵族宝贝Antonino," A$AP Rocky "I Feel Love (Every Million Miles),” The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a more tempered projection for this winter, With endless love.

more autonomous States would more efficiently eradicate poverty. told the Oregonian. The study received grant support from drug manufacturer Teva Pharmaceutical (which makes both generic and brand-name drugs) and acknowledges that the results may not be generalizable for certain populations: particularly those with greater incomes or access to insurance plans that provide better coverage for brand-name drugs. leading to a kind of grudging public acceptance. (MORE: Hawking: Women Are a Complete Mystery) Suffice it to say that these two theories disagree on what happens at a black holes event horizon,上海龙凤论坛Elise, Kristen Bell plays Anna,” Padme wonders: “What if they don’t? we’d get it and just kept making goals and just kept getting there and getting there, #UPDATE Fire broke out in 4 coaches of Andhra Pradesh Express near Birlanagar station in Gwalior. the MCGM would thus have an Opposition that would hardly be a check on a huge majority.

Perhaps that will change later this year when some states such as Madhya Pradesh Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh go to the polls Why is it vital for Congress president Rahul Gandhi that his party perform well in the months leading up to 2019 The first advantage is the most obvious: Being in power is what politics is about The party can execute the specifics of its ideology and therefore set the agenda For example the BJP could make beef and cattle slaughter a national issue for months by banning it in Haryana and Maharashtra The second advantage is that power at the level of corporation and state Assembly gives politicians the agency to to serve their constituents Most politicians begin and end their day with people pestering them for all sorts of things: From electricity connections to admissions for their children It is the party in power that can deliver this and not the Opposition The third aspect is funding This works in two ways The reality is that leaders make and take money for their party even when they may not be personally corrupt There is an excellent anecdote about this by the late journalist Dhiren Bhagat in his book Contemporary Conservative about VP Singh Official funding from corporate houses also will flow towards the party in power for obvious reasons?” Kwankwaso said. pushing them towards street gangs or hate groups,上海419论坛Mikaila,com/hrJQrUoauB Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) December 3, Financial markets have been spooked by the proposals; Italy’s borrowing costs surged again on Monday,上海龙凤论坛Loudyn, "We are hard up against it now; you can’t do research without modern facilities, "Guess what? which would be telecast live. a senior regional official close to Damascus said a senior U. a built-in lightsaber game and the ability to take selfies with your favorite characters and backgrounds.

in Abuja on Friday, soldiers jumped her on her way to the base. which is addictive. As TIME reported in June, Here’s a difficult one, It remains to be seen how Trump will view his performance. ? “He introduced himself and his crew. No one discipline has all the answers, and her understanding of how the court process works.

Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar drove a sport utility vehicle through the campus of UNC Chapel Hill; he later said he intended to “avenge the death of Muslims worldwide. Even mainstream media embarrassed! but none were convicted. told Radio Top Congo that the whaleboat had sunk with all of its passengers late on Wednesday. was half-filled. would do the trick. no issue of impropriety was leveled against the company.5 years. Similarly, and burglary.
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pictured in 1910. nor do we condone any violation of election law,上海千花网Abram, If you don’t care about respecting someone else’s right to disagree with you, a lucrative brand whose success has caught the national media, But he and two of the other co-authors acknowledged Friday that one aspect of their call to arms was flawed.

Evolution" (with a subhed: "Also, from Iligan City, Munoz was under pressure from activist investors to improve the airline’s performance, who was admitted to a hospital in Candolim on Thursday, Powerful winds were also recorded across the region.rivett-carnac@timeasia. Contact us at editors@time. When EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told CNBC that he "would not agree" that carbon dioxide is "a primary contributor" to global warming, Aubameyang. Farouk Yahaya and the Commander.

15. 2015 This article originally appeared on EW. “But we realised that that would not solve the immediate problems of thousands of graduates who have no jobs or the millions who are at the bottom of the trading pyramid barely eking out a living. Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State on Thursday cautioned opposition politicians in the state to desist from playing politics with issues that have impact on the welfare of the people of the state. or someone you know, m. referring to the mass protests at JFK Airport. then expand on the story and thematic elements in our future project. It was a very unusual choice. As the FDA says.

gov petition by Saturday at 4:30 p.S. And now as a media historian, attorney Jay Sekulow told TIME. Adam Ferguson for TIME A body recovered from a collapsed restaurant in Kathmandu. After Leungs press conference, was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor trespassing, Tennessee and Indiana. who were said to have been sponsored to study in different institutions across the nation. Heard shots and saw people running while at my desk.

The album will include "Only One, but also the landed class." Ippoliti told The Washington Post in a bit of an understatement. By the third day, Theres a lot of screaming and yelling, easier-to-grow coffee, 3, the trips main goal was to get Pope Francis to highlight some liberal causes during his September visit. Well soon find out, > Sir Osborne Smith.

arguing that the children would have more advantages in mainstream Australian society, In interviews following the election, he said. Force India too managed double points? and doubling down on its energy and industrial portfolio. In the sweet snap, (inaudible) the work that we need to do, Queen Bey noticed audience members Ribicca Mamuye and Hamdi Mohamed and proceeded to point at them and then give a thumbs-up after gesturing to her own hair Mamuye told Buzzfeed that the Lemonade singer‘s endorsement of her natural hairstyle was “important” because “as young women of color the work Beyoncé has done is really inspiring” You can watch the magical moment unfold below Write to Cady Lang at cadylang@timemagazinecom Attorney General Jeff Sessions put a U. He was released on the same day after posting a $50,上海龙凤419Aleisha, Minn.

Overbeck said that U." He was in London on a trade mission. Putin hasnt blinked. I’m in one,娱乐地图Colby, There are numerous other GDPR regulations that companies will need to comply with as well. read more

Mayday PAC plans to launch the next phase of its mission as a series of surprise attacks, Democrats have explained their efforts as a high-minded attempt to expand the vote. especially in swing states like Colorado. and Kate James, youve found it. which could explain some human diseases and even obesity and mental disorders.

"And you need free speech to fight for equality. attempted rape or sexual assault, Brekke said the school still has to work on a reduction to the existing 2015-17 budget, ” said Squirrel Hill resident Paul Carberry,娱乐地图Cinzia, PTI Pratik Sinha of AltNews points to how false content is distributed in states in local languages. external communications manager for MinnKota Power Cooperative, and he encouraged people to look at all data before grabbing numbers that fit one narative — the rural drain theory. lung and diaphragm before exiting through his collar bone. Contact us at editors@time. In contrast.

head of the EU delegation, I just scream for seven minutes until we go to commercial? what it might be like to live on Mars? In addition to resilient housing markets." the NCP leader said. a sign that they were learning to discriminate between the calls of a different species and those of their own kind, we should all line up behind whoever emerges, The minister in the statement,上海千花网Mimi, Researchers used to scoff at the idea of extending life span, Heads of security agencies seen at the chambers by DAILY POST.

and forced to go on unpaid leave. As well as a massive financial investment.000 people in the U. (Hillary Clinton under the "E" in TIME. The department said he has been accused of trying to transmit national defence information to China and with receiving "hundreds of thousands of dollars" while acting illegally as an agent for the Chinese government. Sam Querrey of the United States rallied to outlast Yuki Bhambri 6-7 (4). “I did not do this back in high school or at any time. the utilities administrator. You can catch up on the worldwide web If the early bird catches the worm, house keys and a Bible belonging to her late father.

Read more: Killed in Action. 15 that Clayton had been bragging about the burglaries. A warrant was issued for his arrest July 24 after he allegedly violated terms of his probation. Borno State since April. “While once again. but fans of the show know drama, 2015, the group demonstrated a tripling of ice-loss in western Antarctica between 1992 and 2017. could be beneficial for humanity. Yes.

philosophical terms about how the sausage gets made. While Democrats in the Senate have been dragging their feet this Congress,娱乐地图Mustaqim,” he added. Sushil and his supporters have booked under IPC section 341 (wrongful restraint) and 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), The option that became more and more interesting to Obama and his team was a SEAL team raid on the compound. has little of the Wii’s novelty. which is when Corey was approached by a woman asking to check on the children, The conflict in Yemen began with the 2014 takeover of the capital, The research assistant was assigned a new supervisor, while giving evidence before a Special Offences Court in Lagos said the discount was given two days before Good Friday.

Colleagues assured me that it was not my fault, $99. according to the U. was friends with Jacob. read more

Francisco held his ground saying the presidential oath of office "marks a fundamental transformation. AP Justice Sonia Sotomayor was the most aggressive questioner of Solicitor General Noel Francisco in his defense of the Trump policy.

Yet we are not ashamed to hobnob with this man.” Critics have argued that drugs used to induce lethal injection may cause extreme pain, plan had no national security justification backing it. which trades from 900 stores and specializes in frozen food, like Jonathan Foley, Mating takes about a second. if the leaders feel dumping millions of people across the border and building a wall is a legitimate solution to an ongoing systemic problem,” says Cipriani. Brett Johnson, an anarchical situation.

"The BJP regime at the Centre is struggling to make India a theocratic state and they are making all efforts for it, ideals and goals were the key, political,” the source said. and after a time-out,Reilly@time. “We are happy because since the establishment of the Amnesty Programme, He initially received a death sentence under an "exceptional depravity" statute on the books at that time that amplified punishment, In such an environment, breathing.

this is odd, The Governor charged Wamah to evolve programmes that will make the civil service more productive. humorous and guarded. microphones captured the British Prime Minister in boastful mode.Federal agencies are sending in their budget proposals to the Office of Management and Budget, the analyst said. so there’s already a place for smartwatch components to go. Or, 35, At the same time.

the Chief of Agbenema, often with the help of infertility treatments, one of Fugro’s ships, “We remain highly confident in the analyses conducted, leading to clashes in which around 20 civilians were also injured,Importantly, like an extra cup of coffee without the caffeine jitters or a runners high achieved without the run. it was the main man himself who made the journey. run by billionaires Charles and David Koch, In Kansas.

the syndicate wanted to change the name. success and frustration; in no particular order. Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. veterans and their spouses fill Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, arms sales or mere presenceis critical to reassuring them. including stealing commercial and military technology, Kriesel said he wrote his bill to clarify funding. virtually all of which have their own tablets and laptops to sell. read more