Peak Rui Li Li capital optimistic about the current cross-border electricity supplier because of the

peak Swiss capital founding partner Li Feng recently talked about the views of cross-border electricity supplier in public activities. The analysis and methodology is known to investors, the rise and fall of the reasons behind the ups and downs of cross-border electricity providers were analyzed, and pointed out that the peak of the capital investment logic.

Li Feng believes that the current fiery cross-border electricity supplier, in fact, the 2008 wave of cross-border electricity supplier boom cycle, and analyzes the internal and external reasons behind.

In addition, the peak

capital founding partner also compared the current cross-border electricity supplier with the previous model is different, he believes that the popularity of social networks and psychological changes in the mainstream consumer groups is the main reason.

following Sina Technology finishing Li Feng on cross-border electricity supplier analysis:

historical inevitability of foreign trade electricity supplier

on cross-border electricity supplier, Chinese probably have a similar opportunity now, about seven or eight years ago, when the last financial crisis, the first China wavelet for cross-border electricity supplier companies, similar to the Lanting Pavilion market etc.. Why in 08 to 10 years, China’s first wave of cross-border electricity supplier companies do? There are several reasons for this:

internal cause, in the wake of the financial crisis is clearly Chinese export-oriented production-oriented enterprises is a great challenge, on this basis, for the factors of pressure and survival, these companies spend a great effort, willing to cooperate and emerging sales channels. Who is this new sales channel, of course, is the so-called first wave of cross-border electricity supplier companies.

we often ask questions about why this happened on this day or this year, and why it happened rather than something else.


is 08 and 09 years to the first wave of cross-border electricity Chinese? Why is the cross-border electricity that happened? Because it is forever in the retail industry the most important competitiveness, that is about two or three things, called the category and selection of goods and supply chain management and coordination.

from the point of view I have talked about the significance, because after the financial crisis, we are in the 4 trillion time, export-oriented manufacturing enterprises have greater pressure to survive, so they hope the new sales channels, to solve their problem of existence, so the new sales channels have emerged.

at the same time also appeared on another wave of great things, is the electronic commerce trade. For example, Alibaba, Taobao and the fastest growing Jingdong in the past few years, the same reason for the supply chain or industry chain.

external factors caused by the financial crisis in foreign countries, outside the mainstream consumer groups among all the price sensitivity is improved, because of the financial crisis caused a certain impact on people’s consumption psychology, on the basis of the time and so on the first wave of cross-border electricity supplier.

what is the same thing back today?

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