The second half of 2010, higher in the way

these days is very great, the weather is hot breath. Has been doing the 58 Union also fell, the money did not settle, really depressed. But still have to continue to engage in Wangzhuan, day also have to ah.

just saw a friend on my website message, said the union is still looking for Google or Baidu alliance. I don’t think so. You will have to do this, unless you have a lot of traffic. Otherwise, you will log on Google or Baidu search your income, you can put people out of trouble. General station hanging GG ads, 10000IP words have 15 – $20 a day. But if you do CPS, or CPA, maybe more than that. Think about the way Wangzhuan in the future, the following way, write out for your reference.

first, if you are a personal webmaster, it is recommended to look at the first. In the future we can consider full-time Taobao guest. Taobao should be a trend. After the advertising alliance will be more than a deal. Even in foreign countries, CPS is also able to account for the mainstream. Personal webmaster, or consider the more practical Taobao some, if the message that the friends do not like the union or Baidu Union, then Google, not very practical. And now this time, Google is not the year’s cheating, Baidu is so clear it all too stingy to pull out a hair.

second, if you are a personal webmaster, but also SEO experts, you can look at these second. Can consider full-time do CPS. The CPS alliance is too much. There are a lot of good alliances. For example, the Jingdong store, where the customer alliance,, good music to buy anything. The specific idea is to build, SEO, engage in traffic, and then is to attract these traffic through your link shopping. To know that these sites in the Google advertising alliance also has a lot of advertising investment. People click on the ads you have once you have a few dollars, but others through your link to buy, there are at least dozens. So CPS is much stronger than the click.

third, if you have the manpower and financial resources, it is recommended to engage in regular stations. This time there is still a lot of people shouting engage dumpster or trash, English stations, but Biden Wangzhuan think this is not just a dumpster era. Engage in regular stand it, there are still a lot of regular way out. Chinese Internet and American Bibi is still at the initial stage. As for the theme of the site, Biden Wangzhuan feel is not a problem, as long as they can adhere to a more than a year. I believe over grandpa Mao Hua hua.

fourth, this is my most respected a way out. Engage in e-commerce. Twenty-first Century, at least the first half of the year should be the era of e-commerce. Find good products, find a good idea, you can seize the commanding heights. But e-commerce is the most simple.

short, Biden Wangzhuan feel for you today this list should be present in some way out of mainstream Wangzhuan. Hope you can have

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