Future B2C will be based on B2B and C2C mode

B2C is an important part of e-commerce, but there has been no industry leading websites and models. With the development of the Internet economy, the domestic B2C emerged, like the Jingdong store, Vancle, red child, the first convenience store, diamond bird and other upstart, the momentum of rapid development. Many domestic manufacturers began to set up e-commerce sector, online direct marketing, the creation of the mall and shop. The rapid development of B2C, thanks to the financial crisis brought about by the export lag, open up domestic sales. The network is a direct, low-cost, high interest platform, so the strength and strategic vision of enterprises and individuals to enter the B2C market, bringing the development of the B2 C market. So, in the rapid development of the market environment, the current B2C model can meet the requirements of the market?

first look at a small example of my experience, I worked in an environmental protection equipment company, which has a proxy brand and independent brands. In the course of the sale of the use of network sales, the company has done Baidu ppc. Through the competitive ranking to get a lot of customer inquiries, but also generate a lot of traffic. The cost of sales of a small company through the Internet is minimal, no matter from the personnel input and capital input are basically the least. After the company found the little information online, and enterprise website is static, operators unfamiliar to the company’s network publicity and electronic commerce, and then proposed the network publicity, revision of the company website on the Internet, increase the information publicity and promotion, increase network mall. Later, effective, where I got the first part of the business from the Internet, after business inquiries are rising, that is to say, the company has been profitable in e-commerce. Ali opened the English language website, began the development of foreign markets, from the inquiry to see the effect is good, online negotiations, offline trading has become a common model.

can be seen from the above case, the electronic commerce plays a role in the development of the company, the company is the enterprise e-commerce website + Alibaba, a business to business, business to have terminal customers, because agents, there are customers of the customer. The pattern of Electronic Commerce covers B2B and C2C model, it is hard to know is that. The traditional B2C is separated from the first two modes, but with the increase of social demand and the development of the service mode, it is necessary to change the mode of e-commerce to meet the needs of the society. Then you have to meet this service model between B2B and C2C, in the e-commerce model B2C takes into account the B2B and C2C model. It was suggested that the B2B2C model, but only an idealized model is not better integrated into the business community. The new B2C model will bear its responsibility to make up for the lack of B2B and C2C.

from the perspective of social development and customer demand analysis, online shopping has a great development market, and as the mainstream lifestyle, but also the most basic way of life. The value of the Internet is the service and convenience of Internet users, then more perfect service and model will promote the development of online shopping. And in a special environment, C2C as an online shopping

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