How do some skills of Taobao store share

now a lot of people in Taobao opened their own shop, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. However, do not have real business shop store easily, especially after the store opened, many shopkeepers because of poor care, faced with no patronage problems. How to do a good job in store promotion, let people search to your shop? This is a prerequisite for the following orders, some shop experience will be introduced, is the main line of the combination of promotion, we hope to help.

line on the promotion of

1 online customer service

1.1 is guaranteed at the time of maximum flow, such as 10:00-11:00 am, 14:00-17:30 PM, 19:00-22:00 p.m.. In addition, the weekend is also relatively large flow of local customers.

1.2. will want to set up an automatic reply, that even when the seller is not in the computer, unable to answer customer questions, also can give customers a tape

1.3. will want to store the dynamic state. Release information about your activities.

two Taobao backstage tools to make full use of.

1.. Shop in the 35 connections, we must make full use of, this is a very good way of publicity, many buyers in the shop, like to look at the other links. So we can exchange connection and many shops, can choose to complementary products, after being able to engage in joint promotion, mutual influence. But many owners do not agree, so we need to spend some time, and more to chat with friends, to find a better than their friends to do the link. Through the link to each other, you can form a circle.

2 makes good use of store announcements, such as the most attractive to write on the above, the first line of promotions. Avoid lengthy, so the wording should be considered. But some words will stimulate the eye, for example, price, sale, gift, clearance etc.. So that customers can see at a glance can be painted cheap.

3 Taobao background analysis of heating function is their best assessment tools, we can through this and daily views and volume of comparative analysis. When your browsing volume continues to rise steadily, and the order is flat. This means that your store is not attractive enough, such as baby description, price positioning. There must be said here, we each shop, you need to have a town store treasure and popular products.

three, baby released under the shelf skills

commodity release time to choose 7 days, when the goods close to the shelf time. Ranking on the front. So the shortest display time is only 7 days. And the product can not be released together with the shelf. Need to have a regular type, released a batch of products, the popular staggered release. Like as the waves, wave. This tip has a good effect on the stability of the browser.

when your product >

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