Alipay fan Zhiming we have only one opponent is cash

"in fact, we have only one opponent, is cash. This year, Alipay wallet and a rival, is what you put in the purse." Alipay vice president Fan Zhiming said.


mobile payment War Within Three Kingdoms

Internet giant always has a common dream, together to see the land flowing with milk and honey. They are struggling in the field of payment.

50 years later, the famous folk story will be rewritten, Alibaba’s opponent is not the forty thieves, but a penguin. Alibaba forced to show their innate wisdom, penguins with a wide range of warm warm popularity.

Alipay wallet "Independence Day"

November 13th, Ali small and micro financial services group’s domestic business group president Fan Zhiming said, Alipay wallet user has billions of dollars. As Ali in the field of mobile Internet the most competitive products, Alipay announced the mobile terminal Alipay – Alipay wallet as an independent brand development.

compared to the pattern has been set PC end payment market, the mobile terminal in the future financial, life services, electricity providers and other areas of greater imagination. Fan Zhiming also revealed that Alipay wallet will be independent brand operation, the opponent is the physical wallet.

to operate independently, and of course Fan Zhiming is emboldened. Alipay wallet launched in 2009, positioning for mobile payment platform, October 2013 released version 7.6, users can not only through its credit card, transfer, payment, payment, payment, charge calls, card ticket management, but also by the balance of treasure financial products. According to the latest data released by Alipay, Alipay wallet nearly 100 million users, Alipay mobile phone users has broken million payment.

More and more people

industry more clearly see the future of mobile payment signs to replace the cash is more and more obvious, some foreign countries have almost 70% mobile payment, which will undoubtedly make Alipay wallet more broad market space.

, however, things are not so wishful thinking ali. Thought that the launch of Alipay wallet mobile payment ecosystem will change again, the mobile Internet to subvert the pattern, beyond the current Ali imagination. This time, Fan Zhiming made it clear that the opponent is just how much physical wallet seems a little deliberate.

WeChat payment spread

this double 11 period, WeChat joint easy fast network, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other core cities to build WeChat store". November 11th the same day, WeChat store turnover of more than 80 thousand single, accounting for easy fast station of 13%.

November 18th, Tencent (437.8, -0.20, -0.05%, real-time quotes) WeChat held in Guangzhou for the first time, WeChat · public communication will be announced at the meeting of the nine interface capabilities, which >

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