Double eleven within 9 days of delivery of the logistics system was built in 200 million days

this year’s’ double eleven ‘logistics distribution, whether it is the delivery rate, the rate of recovery or admission rate are higher than last year’s level." For the near end of the 2014 double logistics distribution, rookie network on the daily economic news reporter, such as evaluation of the.

was set up last year and began a comprehensive intervention in "double eleven" logistics system, big data hailun National Express rookie network, this year’s harvest surprise: 9 days there have been 209 million orders were signed, nearly 80% sign, than the same period last year increased by 6.2%.

and this figure is considered hard won, and the biggest difference is different from previous years, this is the first time Alibaba will double eleven extended to the world. Only from Tmall’s "double eleven day of the 278 million order logistics distribution, the north to the Arctic Greenland, the South as far as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay. These can be called "day" package, based on orders jumped nearly 67%, and sent to 217 different countries and regions, the degree of logistics support capability test, as can be imagined.

industry evaluation, doubling behind courier service capacity, in addition to the past 5 years "double eleven" bloody accumulate abundant experience, big data industry to promote synergy also contributed. At the same time, from the beginning of this year, Tmall’s dual eleven global strategy, but also a direct boost to the billions of times under the Chinese express global logistics system of the initial construction.

delivery efficiency is higher than last year


this year, double eleven single record high, but the courier company’s handling capacity and the ratio of the past year has significantly improved.

rookie network yesterday (November 20th) released the latest "double eleven" logistics situation, as of 19 May 24, Tmall "double eleven" all day long produced over 267 million orders logistics delivery, 9 day delivery rate of 97.8%, higher than the same period last year 96%; Lanshou express company has 250 million high. 91.6% embrace the yield is also higher than the same period last year 84.1%; 9 days a total of 209 million orders have been signed for consumers, signing rate reached 76.7%, compared with the same period last year increased by 6.2%.

down to the company level, 14 major courier companies all can complete more than 50% Lanshou service in 24 hours; another sign from the data, the double eleven day so far, the daily receipt is daily increase of about 50%.

package processing in a timely manner thanks to a large part of the application of large data and information sharing. Rookie network told reporters yesterday, through monitoring shows that the double eleven single day forecast accuracy of up to 95%. This electricity supplier, logistics enterprises to improve the efficiency of distribution has played a significant role in guiding. Among them, a wide range of promotional services Ali pre-sale, but also the double eleven logistics and distribution to protect one of the highlights of the most worth mentioning. This reporter has learned that very

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