2015 pharmaceutical electricity supplier staking mobile side accounted for more than PC end

pharmaceutical electricity supplier in 2015 experienced a rapid development stage, the market share in 2018 will reach 65 billion 700 million yuan.

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The Pharmaceutical Market Research Report B2C 2015

third party data analysis firms Analysys think tank released by future pharmaceutical B2C market growth, by 2018 the market share will reach 65 billion 700 million yuan.

proprietary pharmaceutical B2C market in 2015 before the three quarter, take 1.6% of the market share from the platform at the same time self medicine channels, market participants continued to increase, the expansion of the online channel interdisciplinary cooperation has become the development direction of home appliance business.

the 1 drug net third quarter App active user penetration rate reached 16.7%, ranked first; the first three quarter CAGR of 30.9%, double eleven self channel sales growth of 17 times; in January of the same year, the 1 drugs network become medicine B2C market was 450 million yuan, the first to complete the C round of financing of pharmaceutical enterprises. Kang’ai early in September of last year to 350 million by Tai Tong acquisition, and the 1 drugs network App active user penetration rate reached 8.4% over the same period. The seven Lok Kang in November this year to complete the B round of $100 million financing, rehabilitation home to accelerate the layout of the store under the line, the line has reached more than 300 stores, covering more than 30 cities.


from the sales category, the pharmaceutical B2C market has gradually formed two different models.

is a comprehensive marketing model of pharmaceutical business category, such as the 1 drug network, such as Kang Aiduo, its model is committed to the health and medical related drugs mainly, supplemented by, while category layout based on diversified health needs of consumers. Another model is the vertical category marketing model, such as rehabilitation home, available network, is mainly committed to the main single pharmaceutical electricity commodity series (such as home appliances, maternal and child) and other vertical category marketing.


in the process of exploring the Chinese medicine B2C, pharmaceutical electricity supplier companies have gradually shifted from PC to mobile. Report data show that in the three quarter of 2015 amounted to $4 billion 220 million transaction, while the proportion of mobile transactions accounted for more than PC end.

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