Phone 6 advertisements touted by companies and more businesses own publicity

The end of the

Apple conference, users and competitors for the new iPhone teasing has almost become a routine traditional. This phenomenon is not unique to the United States, China is also happening. From micro-blog to WeChat’s maishen piece fake "iPhone 6" client tail from the conference concluded that funny imitation of apple production style of copycat promotional video…… The plot is the similar routine social network spread.

more vendors involved in

is slightly different from previous years, this year there are more manufacturers to join the new iPhone ridicule activities. With the help of iPhone 6 to promote their own not only Samsung, HTC, also including Durex, Haagen Dazs and lifestyle products manufacturers.

from Apple at the end of August to early September mailed invitations to release new iPhone, during this period, Durex released 3 and iPhone 6 micro-blog. 3 micro-blog were on Apple’s website and iPhone 6 were carried out, the theme will be modified to promote their products and promotion.

uses a similar approach and Haagen dazs. After the release of iPhone 6, Apple’s official website on China iPhone 6 "Bigger than bigger" translation from large Tucao, Haagen Dazs released a timely a content for the "big sweet" micro-blog, to publicize Green Tea’s new ice cream flavor.


publicity SONY and Meizu

of course, the use of iPhone 6 propaganda is still the largest number of mobile phone manufacturers. Most companies in the iPhone 6 before the release of the company’s product line, now with iPhone 6 to promote new products, no doubt will get a good effect of communication.

SONY, Meizu also fancy iPhone 6 "Bigger than bigger" slogan, respectively, based on its interpretation. SONY will be changed to "Better than bigger slogan", also hinted that the new flagship mobile phone Xperia Z3 attention to details; Meizu will be changed to "Bigger and better slogan", also posted September just released MX4 pictures in micro-blog.


HTC and Samsung’s aggressive marketing

and SONY, Meizu moderate promotional style, HTC and Samsung’s marketing program is highly offensive. Both companies are full of ads for apple and iPhone 6 strong irony.

Shortly after the end of the

iPhone 6 conference, HTC released a contrast photo on Twitter. On the left is a mosaic of iPhone >

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