Yibin, Sichuan two site was hacked blackmail was threatened daily remittance

Sichuan province Yibin city main network forum, network and network distance pickled cabbage altar, even suffered a series of a man named "I am legend" hackers extortion and attack, the hackers asked each website daily to the remittance 3000 yuan "network use fee" to stop the attack. From January 30th to today, as the outside world and local users to understand the main site of Yibin information are paralyzed. 10 am, the two site has been reported to the Yibin public security organs.

Yibin zero distance network manager Deng Jigang told reporters, January 30th at 7 pm, a "I am legend" the requirements of users on the Internet every day to give him money 3000 yuan of money, otherwise you will attack website. An hour later, the hacker uses "attack DDOS chicken" on the site, called a large number of IP and access to the site, resulting in network congestion, users unable to login websites and forums, and because the traffic is too large, the server eventually paralyzed. Coincidentally, pickled cabbage altar network also suffered the same attack. Kimchi altar network technology director Liu Wenjie told reporters that in the past the site has been hacked, but most of the attacks, such as a large number of traffic congestion network, causing the site to be paralyzed for the first time. Web service bandwidth is 100 MHz, but the other call is usually more than 10G traffic to access the site, the site service can not afford, the moment will be blocked.

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chat records show the contents of the hacker "I am legend" has repeatedly threatened the site staff, also sent two bank card payment requirements for. "I am legend" also claimed to have been many people in his company, he is not afraid of the alarm, this is done because of the lack of home decoration house.

on the morning of 10, two site staff told reporters: "I am legend" hacker website was paralyzed after still not to send money to his intention, finally let go, two websites every day to pay 3000 yuan "network fee dropped to 2500 yuan.

Yibin and Yibin pickles altar net daily visits are more than 150 thousand people. Netizen Jiangcheng said, you have to see the Yibin local website habits every day, the hacker extortion attacks led to tens of thousands of users can not log in Yibin website lossy network environment, destroy the normal order of the Internet, looking forward to security supervision as soon as possible.

Yibin Municipal Public Security Bureau for the website by hackers blackmail threat and cause tens of thousands of users to be able to login the website Internet attaches great importance to the issue, they are deployed elite forces and contact the relevant city network monitoring, communications operators power against criminals, purify the network order, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of users and web sites.

Sichuan Zhuhai law firm lawyers said, "I am legend" behavior has been suspected of extortion and illegal invasion of computer systems and the harmful consequences caused by crime, extortion according to the behavior of the amount, shall bear civil, administrative or criminal penalties.

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