What if your domain name can’t find the agent

      recently, many webmaster, originally registered the domain name can not find the former agent, because many owners before registering a domain name, are often in some familiar friends, registration or network understanding in the webmaster, but 1-2 years later, can not find the original registration agent. Then what shall I do?

      method one: use the domain name of all the mail to all the registered mail. How to query your domain name registrar. By whois. Www.whois.sc    or www.xwhois.comFor example:

Web site: http://s.35.com

authorized range:.Biz,.Com,.Info,.Name,.Net,.Org,.Pro Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology Ltd. DBA dns.com.cnName:

Web site: http://s.dns.com.cn/

authorized range:.Biz,.Com,.Info,.Mobi,.Net,.Org, Bizcn.com, Inc.Business Name:

Web site: http://s.bizcn.com/

authorized range:.Biz,.Com,.Info,.Mobi,.Net,.Org HiChina Web Solutions (Hong Kong Limited)Name:

Web site: http://s.net.cn/

authorized range:.Biz,.Com,.Info,.Mobi,.Name,.Net,.Org Inter China Network Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (aka 3721)Company name: 3721

Web site: http://s.3721.com/

authorized range:.Biz,.Com,.Info,.Net,.Org, Onli.

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