Hackers rampant Yanan Public Security Bureau of Shaanxi city is linked to the horse

webmaster admin5.com March 31st news, Kingsoft Cloud Security Center released the latest trojan website announcement, only 30 a day, Kingsoft intercepted 569 key sites linked to horse, the Yanan city of Shaanxi Province Public Security Bureau and other government websites have been linked to trojan.

webmaster network reporter entered the Yanan Municipal Public Security Bureau website http://s.sgaj.yanan.gov.cn/ (which contains a virus, careful access) page, avast antivirus software and 360 security guards at the same time reported poison. These hackers are in the Public Security Bureau website to audacious in the extreme, hands and feet, hackers rampant remarkable.

but from the recent government website and the university website has been black also reflects these sites to become negligent management plate hackers, so the government should strengthen the site site management and maintenance work, do not give criminals an opportunity.

as of press time reporter, the page still contains a virus prompt. Now the global hackers rampant, network owners again remind the webmaster friends do the site safety work regularly to the site backup, in case of emergency.

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