The long tail Baidu alliance Pathfinder personal Webmaster Help traffic realized

China’s Internet after more than ten years of development, many people may feel that the overall situation has been set, this judgment is not the same as my judgment. I think the Internet Chinese screen just started, the best is yet to come." April 26th, Baidu founder and chief executive officer Robin Li to the overall uncertain judgment opened the prelude to the 2010 Baidu union summit.

"the Internet should not only be an entertainment tool, but should be more involved in knowledge, business tools. The next five years or even the development of China in the past fifteen years, the Internet for business development has too many opportunities, and in this regard, the search engine plays a very critical and decisive role in the." Robin Li further explained that China’s domestic demand for economic growth, the search industry is basically all stimulating domestic demand, while the 350 thousand members of the Baidu alliance’s contribution to GDP and promote the most benign.

has been keen from the words of Robin Li picked up different from Baidu’s previous accelerated expansion of taste. For 35 of Baidu union members, as well as millions of small and medium sites such as search stakeholders, after Google announced the withdrawal of the mainland, was once worried about a monopoly of Baidu’s monopoly market. However, Baidu at this time to talk about the competitive landscape, and stressed that the pattern is uncertain, it is tantamount to throwing out the olive branch to a wider range of small sites. Facing the nearly 200 more union members and promote the customer representative, Robin Li said firmly, "Baidu now has the responsibility to gradually solve this problem, allowing users the most convenient access to information, let the webmaster, especially small owners increasingly understand how to deal with Baidu, how to make the information more effectively and more rapidly fair presentation to the user."

traffic realized


is on the long tail of the advertising model to make money is the long tail, so not only to find large cooperation, should listen to the views of the station, China countless personal website is the biggest tail." On the eve of the Baidu Union summit, Baidu executives and dozens of alliance partners conducted in-depth communication, then, there is the king of the station, said Cai Wensheng proposed such a proposal.

CNNIC data show that as of the end of 2009, the total number of registered websites in China amounted to 3 million 230 thousand, of which the number of small sites in. It can be said that it is a large number of small and medium sites to build the backbone of China’s network. How to realize the flow to support their greater development, the relationship between the vital interests of each and their own growth.

Google, Baidu alliance "instead of" hike "into giving a higher proportion of small and medium-sized webmaster." On the second day of the summit, which is undoubtedly the most favorable news revealed to the alliance’s 350 thousand members of Baidu. "This gives us confidence in the future of Baidu and its own website." Summit site, a Baidu alliance partners excitedly told reporters.

simply, Baidu alliance is Baidu will be a variety of Internet site traffic together to achieve the flow of the important industry

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