Facebook, nstagram suffered a large area of Europe and the U.S.

Facebook encounter failure (pictures from the U.S. CNBC site)

[TechWeb] January 27th news, Facebook website 1 hours ago suffered a large area of failure.

American financial website CNBC said from Greenwich at 6:00 on January 27th (Beijing time at 14:00 on January 27th), landing Facebook fault page (pictured above): "I’m sorry, out of order, currently under repair, repair as soon as possible."

CNBC said that the scope of the accident is estimated to spread to Europe and the United States, the Reuters said, in addition to the United States, as well as India user complaints Facebook can not open.

in addition to Facebook, Facebook’s image sharing site on the desktop side also suffered a fault – direct white screen, the mobile terminal can not refresh.

as of press time, part of the United States server access to Facebook has been restored unimpeded. (small peak)

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