Renren released 2014 annual hot words list

a few more days to end in 2014. A review of the year, what young people discuss in 2014, what most concerned? Recently, released the 2014 college hot words list, including the ten, ten on campus popular events, most college students love the ten variety show, campus ten popular stars, most college students pay attention to the ten book, most college students pay attention to the ten movies, ten campus seven key words list, let the portrait of a young man quietly jump in the paper.

list by all large data semantic mining automatic generation system of "everyone said," everyone says is "intelligent automatic semantic data analysis system all large, mining system ordered by generating content to a user. The 2014 annual list covering 219 million registered users of activation throughout the province, University, high school, focusing on the young users, fully embodies the after 90 or even 95 young people personality label, reduction of young people to think independently, love life, pay attention to sense of self-worth and truth.

ten campus catchwords, ranked the top three are: is drunk, Meng Meng Da, actually speechless. It can be seen that the young people do not understand is never explained, but again and again "is drunk" and "helpless actually speechless" kind "plug", this is the popular language is also a kind of attitude. In this regard, users College Research Center official said, after 90 emotional expression directly, do not care about the opinions of others, for around do not understand the voice will not hold inconsistent attitudes, is treatment with it to choose or banter. At the same time, it can be seen from the list, the most popular words in college students also directly affect and become popular.

use a sentence to describe the character of young people is happy, angry, Meng Meng Da, not a single tear forced love dogs, money is willful, in order to fruit 6 maishen is pretty fight, picking up the soap soap is far from throwing shameless chic, small bitch friends nicknames smashing, sometimes in life will have to be thin however, the pace of the devil or good plug, every day new skills GET……

sports is always concerned about the topic of energetic young people, this year coincides with the world cup once every 4 years, the students quickly become crazy event; at the same time, college girls series lost the case, also caused people to pay great attention to, and to enhance students’ personal safety awareness.

online shopping, has been the students concerned about the field, only for "double eleven", according to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 8 college students participated in the "double eleven" online shopping this year, nearly 7 of College Students’ consumption budget of 500 yuan in the following. In this regard, users College Research Center official said, beyond all expectations of post-90s college students awareness of financial management, to the mobile phone, tablet, laptop computer and other bulk goods purchase demand, students are more willing to adopt the installment payment.

college students ten campus catchwords

1 is also drunk


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