How to build strong relationships and high quality network

share theme tonight there are 3 key words: high efficiency, strong relationship, high quality. The opening to the point, if you can only choose 1 words, which do you think is the most important


just began to play micro marketing, when you feel that high efficiency, a lot of the most important, so in 2 months with a powder, but after a detour, found that the quality is actually the first!


play social marketing, like love, like you do not want the quality of the object, there is no need to develop any strong relationship, and then no longer know how useless, full of rotten peach.

what is the quality of the network is suitable for your own core customer base: volatile now, high consumption, high spread. So expand the circle of contacts, a more reasonable order: quality, strong relationship, efficient.

a, high quality

how to find their own high quality network of people you have to first think about a problem: how to find after the realization of the goal of what kind of crowd.

network circle of the realization of the way, there are several conventional:

1 direct sales of products or services

2 merchants, the congregation raised

3 word of mouth, indirect profit

4 paid members, membership fee or training fee

5 media, advertising revenue

we focus on the analysis of the first, the realization of the 2 models. These two models corresponding customer positioning, whether you are selling products or investment, can be divided into 2 categories:

A:: puerile single customer profits, need a large number of customers can make a lot of money

B:: a single pin Gregory less lucrative customers, only a small amount of precision high-end customers can easily profit

there are a lot of people love playing puerile, to the high cost of millet mobile phone as a benchmark, but we must see the surface:

millet is not suitable for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to imitate, unless you are ray boss, there are endless hands of crazy cast. Especially in the field of electronic business, 80% products have adopted the strategy of small profits but quick turnover, lower prices are the final winner, with the Red Sea, scanty, only white cheap ma. With ALI listed, double 11 breakthrough, marking the Chinese Internet has become a universal electricity supplier, into the era of super competition, which means that access to new customers more and more difficult and cost. Therefore, to easily and efficiently make money, Mowgli brother and puerile suggestion: in the Red Sea, why not choose Gregory quick profit model, the limited marketing resources, focusing on high power consumption in the high-end customer groups. Note that for the price of less than 1000 yuan, if can realize the high frequency of purchase, or the business model can be transformed into Gregory fewer sales profit model. Category positioning and product transformation related issues, will be the next phase of the best interactive school to share the theme

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