Website promotion search engine registration skills

How to make the site ranking is always a hot topic on the internet.

    you can read others this problem from many parts of the proposal, but many of the recommendations is to pass the theory for a long time, not many people really done a test, in which theory is effective, which is invalid. I have done a careful comparison below, you will want to read all of the advice I personally after the experiment, finally established a very successful website, take my experience and suggestions, I believe that you can succeed.
    search engines have two kinds: one is the pure technology of search engines, such as Alta Vista and Infoseek, its principle is to collect and store information on your website through the machine; the other is the standard engine (also called directory), not any information real-time collection site, but you use to fill in the online form content website.

    the most important of all search engines is Yahoo! Be careful when registering with Yahoo.A list of keywords:
    we should seriously consider the most suitable for web site keywords, keywords and potential visitors because most likely into the search engine word matching, general users will first input common vocabulary, and then will gradually narrow the range of keywords, for example, if you have a pet website, then the keyword "pet" is "dog" to the effect of strong.

    you can choose one of two key words: one is short, the power arrangement can be in front, but a small number of words; the other is a wide range of keywords and number of the sequence by may be slightly.

on key words and description suggestions

    the submission site, the need for a simple description of the web site, that is to describe your site instead of your company, the purpose is to let the visitors have a preliminary understanding of the site, after the visitors enter the website and tell them about your situation, your sales company. For the sake of the user, the user may look for what, may use the keywords, the key words are very important.Keywords:

General vocabulary: do not use common words such as’ Web ‘,’ Internet ‘,’ services’, this kind of query input node > keyword

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