How to write website promotion soft Wen

soft text is one of the steps to promote the optimization of the content. Generally speaking, the original article is very easy to be search engine grab, the content of good soft Wen advertising not only improve the search engine rankings, but also help to improve the site traffic. So, how to write the original soft Wen? Next, according to the Ji’nan online website optimization practice, and share with you the next soft writing note:

should not copy the original

according to the experience of Ji’nan property, the original article is easier to get the search engine rankings. If it is a simple ctrl+c, ctrl+v can not play any role, in general, the search engine to see the same content will be automatically selected filter Shuai, even if the content can be copied more than that in vain. In the beginning of the website promotion, have taken a copy and paste machine, but less content included, so that the soft to do original, concise, clear expression.

analysis keyword appropriate control

write soft Wen, to analyze the main keywords, and through Baidu to find a large number of relevant keywords. At the same time to pay attention to, the keyword density should be reasonable, generally speaking, the whole title must have keywords; if the whole article between 400 – 500 words to appear seven or eight times for good. In this case, the proposed keyword to let nature take its course, reasonable, not in order to highlight key words, and damage the user experience.

, attractive title to touch

as the saying goes "a good title is half of success", the title of the article if what users will be able to attract new in order to be different, come, then ascension site traffic will be achieved. For example, "Links exchange skills and the matters needing attention, one can let users know the core of narration, evoke the user clicks on the desire; and if only to real estate in Ji’nan is how to do a good job Links title, that would scare away a group of friends. Therefore, a good title is more beneficial to the promotion of search engines.

soft content optimization features

soft text content is the most important part of the soft writing, write the most important thing is to write the soft article content. Generally speaking, the soft content should pay attention to rich, practical, easy to understand, the content should be concise, reflect the related knowledge, the clever point, so users can learn from what, to experience what can attract users better look. At the same time, want to publicize their own web site to keep in the article, up to 1-2 is appropriate, it looks more harmonious, comfortable. This article first Ji’nan online real estate reprint please retain copyright!

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