3 minutes to catch WeChat powder skills Chuaizhuo understand confused

Baidu post bar, is one of China’s super popular community.

according to the name of the stick, we can find a wide range of user groups.

just because, post bar has helped us to different groups to be divided,

so for us to do WeChat marketing staff, this is a very valuable resource!

don’t ask me why I think so, Baidu post bar is a valuable resource!

, because I can’t blow it out, I just talk about it.

at the same time, when you can ask this question, I know you are a rookie, is a rookie, you listen to the line.

tonight I will put out the Baidu post bar, it is because there is a good friend of WeChat, the initiative to find me, ask me, he is the powder absorption strategy, not a skill!

for Baidu Post Bar this community, I have in the "black millet WeChat marketing plan V1.0.doc" document told me VIP students. Because it is the first version, no specific refinement.

my VIP students, read this document, estimated that most people feel what should be, few people in the implementation and research documents, the reason most people in busy or in detail manual waiting for me. This manual, I will be a detailed one, so that they can operate in my way. However, most of the time, learning or to rely on their own research to think.

the following micro friends, it is not my VIP members (but he gave me a small red envelope). But he really loves learning, will take the initiative to research methods, there are good ways, but also take the initiative to ask and share with me. For such a friend, is willing to pay money, and willing to share, very little. Because of this, I was deeply impressed by him.

the day before yesterday he came to ask me, he is not the method of skill!


, I’m going in one, yo! This is a good skill.

what do you think he did,


first: precise positioning stick strategy.

he is very clever to do only a small area of the business, the name of Changyi chamber of commerce. And not like some people greedy, the thought of post promotion, come up and want to go directly to the "Li Yi" hair post, it is not strange death!

he’s different, direct to Changyi. Users can come here basically are people living in the local.

so, is not the user’s precision to solve the problem of 70%? This time is left to suck powder strategy.


second: Chuaizhuo understand.

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