On the use of micro-blog to create a strong marketing effect

Hello, I am Gu Xuxu, the most recent period, whether it is QQ group, forum or other communication platform, the most discussed is undoubtedly about Baidu K station thing. Faced with a wide range of Baidu K station, we need calm. In fact, SEO is just a means of promotion, search engine promotion and network promotion, except for SEO, we have many ways, today, Nanjing SEO Gu Xuxu will share how to use micro-blog to build a strong marketing effect.

review of the latest year micro-blog marketing success stories



as of the end of 2011, the number of micro-blog users reached 250 million, an increase of more than the previous year by the end of, Internet users use rate of 48.7%. (another figure is said to be 4 hundred million)

micro-blog marketing status

in the past: open a micro-blog, ignore, nowhere to vote advertising (2009-2010)

status: specialization, teamwork, departmental operations (2011)

future: fine management, strong stronger (2012-?)

enterprises to carry out the main problems of micro-blog marketing

the content of overall planning into the puzzle

high quality fans less precision is not high

high quality content can not spread large area

the network channel online and offline from


and the target group interaction effect


of negative public opinion on the Internet at a loss what to do

to sum up, put a lot of manpower and material resources, the effect is far less than expected.

micro-blog promotion of the three methods

1, through the content of the first powder to promote sales

mass transfer through the giant powder micro-blog reach


: Dandelion propagation path


2, through interactive point to do free promotion

1) search (purpose: to find the real potential customer base)

(key words) micro search lock the potential customer base

– the more accurate the better

can be targeted to develop the city with the specified release time

– Search Results for further subdivision

2) @ (purpose: to accurately inform the user information)

filter user < >

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