Reflections on the nternet of home industry

, as ten years ago, said, "the Internet will change every aspect of human life". Ten years ago, no one would have thought that Washington Post will be sold, and no one would think that you can buy things online, but no one thought you can buy online dinner. Ten years, the perspective of life slowly appeared in B2B, B2C, 020, C2C or even C2B such a fresh vocabulary. Ten years, the Internet and e-commerce these words are constantly mentioned in the two words. This year’s Forbes Chinese list inside, ten years before or technology or man has fooled grassroots counter attack, Chinese become the representative of new wealth. They are young, is the representative of China’s new economic era, but has created unparalleled value, there are Baidu Robin Li, Tencent, Alibaba, Ma, Ma…… Perhaps, even they have not thought about themselves, the Internet will give them such amazing wealth. This is destined to be an era of change by the internet.

Internet has changed many traditional industries, such as catering to the group purchase by Qi and household appliance industry began to take the 020 line, clothing such as where the customer in B2C industry management work. But there is an industry in the Internet at the door wandering wandering, it is the traditional furniture industry. So, like the traditional Home Furnishing industry how to embrace the Internet? How to make the Internet industry Home Furnishing positioning, play its role? There is an old saying: gehangrugeshan, not every manager interlaced! Now, there are so many traditional industries in the Internet test, what can learn from the author lists and grade? Several different business models, each pattern and the same industry Home Furnishing or that the models can be reference, I hope to play a valuable role.

appliance industry Internet – Suning O2O

the entire appliance industry is not active Internet, but passive. Appliance industry started in the last century in 90s, when the country’s leading companies such as Gome, Suning, such as large enterprises. Gome Suning, etc. is the home appliance platform strategy, they do not produce home appliances, is a home appliance platform. Merchants settled in the platform or business to Suning, Gome a reserve price, Gome Suning re price to integrate their profits. At the same time, Su Ningguomei at the time of development are constantly expanding their own stores, and most of these stores are purchased directly, so Suning Gome in continuous expansion to bear the main sources of cost in manpower and logistics cost.

Suning and Gome in the expansion, just to catch up with the development of China’s household electrical appliance industry trend, sales increased year by year, and there is a good news is that Suning Gome to buy in the store expansion as time continues to rise. However, the times are changing, when the Internet slowly into people’s lives, business or business, but the way to do business and become different.

Internet is the spirit of development, followed by the space and time to solve the problem. Suning, the United States to their own point of view to touch the three line of the city, in accordance with the old rules of the old team is not only to send when the

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