The issue of equity distribution may be your biggest stumbling block

recently, Wang Shi and Qin to the out of the things brush burst of the major media, people have different opinions, mostly for them feel worthless. In fact, Vanke and car ownership structure is the product of that era, from the early stages of China’s market-oriented reform of many considerations. Now out of this thing, it can only be said to be helpless.

of course as entrepreneurs, in order to avoid such tragedy happening again, should learn a lesson, entrepreneurship itself is not easy, not easy to succeed, if the stock fell down, ruined his own future, it would be a tragedy. But the current business environment is good, the maturity is also high, although less likely to Vanke and car home this happens again, but the distribution of equity, entrepreneurs still need to use their brains, not negligence.

first, the issue of the proportion of

angel investment generally will not exceed 20%, the common is probably between 10%-15%, as the first financing companies, entrepreneurs should be more cautious in considering, if some entrepreneurial projects in the seed round has so many shares, after the transfer of the angel round ratio of more than 30% words, then, must be vigilant, the proportion of equity early to sell too much, will greatly affect your control of the company, once lost too much control, so there is a great influence on the later stage of financing, at the same time for entrepreneurs themselves, is likely to have to make the enterprise ceded to others.

second, with investors to modify the ownership structure

in the process of a few people in the joint venture, the unreasonable ownership structure is often met, after all, in general as the original equity are several partners equally, this early process will be influenced by many factors, which is a reasonable equity structure. But some of the founders of high vigilance, aware of the equity problem, then he can help investors to revise the equity intervention results, if the founding team itself is difficult to judge, to determine reasonable equity structure with the help of investors, which is now the practice of many start-up companies.

third, the new and old alternating problems


venture company growth in the development process will be the replacement of personnel, replacing the old can not be avoided, and the distribution of equity partner, but also the entrepreneur needs to be considered, not only is the injection of fresh blood, the old partner if ready to retire, then one thing is the price of the repurchase of shares to figure out the more or less to give, it is easy to produce the team between "tear force", this extremely test founder, partner’s character and pattern.

But in fact,

equity allocation is something that the first goal is to build a big business, after all enterprises do, the shares have real value.

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