Discussion on the writing process and skills of Baidu Encyclopedia

search for a keyword, we can easily find that, in addition to the previous competitive ranking, then it is the turn of the Baidu encyclopedia. As we all know, Baidu encyclopedia in Baidu products accounted for a high weight, good quality, fast, is a long cut conversion rate is high, the flow of SEO promotion. But how to do a good job Baidu encyclopedia entries have become a lot of new writing a problem. The love note:

simple network station

first, Baidu free registration in a Baidu account

only registered Baidu account, in order to be able to operate in the Baidu encyclopedia, otherwise only search and browse permissions. If you are already a user of Baidu’s other products, you can log in directly.

second, create and edit entries

how to create or edit entries to the Baidu Wikipedia home search box enter the name of the entry you want to view. For example, "police officer", then click into the entry. If you already have a Wikipedia entry you want to view, you will enter the entry page, if you want to see the entry has not been created, then it will enter the entry page. The following two pictures:


Figure 1: entry for a page created by someone


figure two: no entry page for the entry

third, Baidu encyclopedia entries written notes

entry is not created, and then you can create. Entries have been created to continue editing the Wikipedia entry. So here we say that the entry is not created when the steps are:

1 entries for classification

entry categories: each entry can have one or more categories. Example: the police box is belongs to the category of other facilities in the physical facilities. Classification more clear, people see plain.


2 entries should be detailed, authentic

you can according to your understanding of the product, all aspects of the detailed description of the product. Such as the use of the product function, use, production processes, etc.. The preparation process can be carried out using keywords function keys at the top of the bold, and chain etc.. Content can not appear in the web site, telephone, etc., there is a hundred percent is certainly not pass. Content appears to yellow, gambling and other countries to prohibit the industry as the topic, which is not the same.

3 directory structure to be reasonable, the name of a short unified

directory structure to be reasonable, especially the first directory and directory two. For example: a directory is: introduction, the two directory can be: material description, configuration instructions, etc..

4 entry labels to write correctly, and to ", " separate


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