Two of the promotion strategy of tourism website – Airport blocked

wrote this yesterday: travel website promotion strategy – ready to travel /article/20080326/77651.shtml

today we come again: tourism website promotion strategy two – Airport blocked

saw the airport blocked the word may be part of the people to guess this article and I write " Guan Jian " a good relationship, because Guan Jian words determine promotion and optimization direction of this website, if you choose a wrong word Guan Jian, never see the results at the same time. Never reach the tourist destination". So optimization has not yet begun, let us look at how to choose a reasonable Guan Jian word to promote.

yesterday or the website of Dunhuang tourism network entity (, it is obvious that Dunhuang tourism network spent some time in the choice of the word of Guan Jian, is the tourism website, local name + tourism term should be optimized and the core is the focus of everyone, in fact, there is a word, and also very close to the tourist it is very related to travel, so the local name + travel should be reasonably taken into account, here is just a thought.

but the tourism website as a popular industry in the Internet, like some of the major tourist provinces, such as Yunnan tourism, Beijing tourism, etc.. Whether it is the off-season or tourist season is basically the first page to promote the status of all. In this case, the following three options can effectively determine and promote the Guan Jian word.

first: do promotion: if in the tourism website economy allows, tourism website is to do promotion. Some people may say, I do not want to spend money, I would like to have the idea that people, then you do not travel. You must know that if a word all the promotion in the Baidu home page state, so the tourism must be very popular, no matter from the traffic and profits. If we choose the word in Guan Jian to win it, then please look down.

tourism in Dunhuang, the word is not considered, because a small county, low competition, low profits, less promotion, so the tourism province of Yunnan and tourism city of Beijing to explore some of it.

is the first Yunnan tourism, which mainly includes the Yunnan tourist attractions? Kunming, Dali, Lijiang are very famous tourist attractions, so Yunnan tourism, Yunnan travel, Kunming travel, Kunming travel, Kunming travel network and so on can do to promote the health of words. Next is the key, in the promotion of the time, wrote the title and description must be attractive, now you write out the word to be able to attract the attention of visitors, let them travel impulse, and click on your website, in fact, travel agencies are in the sale of tourist routes, but also the most tourists concern is the tourist routes, both tourists think Yunnan must know what Yunnan has beautiful scenery, so the tourist routes are prominent, not necessarily connected home, even.

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