The girl’s day marketing Baidu wallet tricky strong linkage of glutinous rice transformation

unknowingly, the pace of O2O has moved forward in 2016. In the past year, BAT three through capital, technology fully incorporated O2O that field in large and small game player. O2O the war from the past to the spring and autumn and Warring States melee became today Three Kingdoms a situation dominated by three powerful rivals.

war in the past O2O market is extensive, players are seeking a comprehensive system of opponents. The huge capital investment to play a game of "kill one thousand, since the loss of eight hundred after the battle, kill the opponent, from a single large to achieve eternal life. If you can not kill opponents, it is the two strong stalemate until the merger. So the market drops fast, so it is 58. Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung in the late universe interview article the good "I have fought a war" in an article once the table so.

from the Spring Festival this year, the trend of girls section 3.7, now the O2O pattern has different period of feudal hegemony. BAT three are in the short term can not eliminate opponents, only through the strategic and tactical level, with the overall product linkage gradually "tricky" advantage. O2O from the past out of the country to war, our war into a protracted war today. The purpose of doing O2O or to pay. This is the reason why the United States in the absence of third party to pay the license to engage in the settlement of the root causes of the third party payment and settlement business. Because O2O is eager to complete such a thrilling leap to achieve financial profitability.

dimensional baptism, strategic surface precision landing to tactical

O2O is the mobile Internet era electricity supplier. Today to do O2O, in fact, the traditional electricity supplier of the era of PC continues to the stage of the mobile Internet, from the past pure line continues to today’s Online + line stage.

electricity supplier will inevitably generate payment, do O2O will also generate payment. O2O and pay from the strategic point of view, there is a strong internal logic. Baidu wallet is often talked about Baidu’s payment center, the relationship between Baidu Nuomi and Baidu wallet is mutual, one is bigger entrance to the water, one is the ladder of financial dimension. This logic is easy to say, but how to play this kind of logical connection, but the need for concrete construction.

today, Baidu do O2O logic is this – to push the technology, big data making section, the scene of marketing as well as linkage play. This year, 3.7 girls’ day, Baidu continues to build a big data section and then follow the practice of expanding O2O business. A set of ideas of these practices are based on big data and technical means to cultivate new users, intensive and meticulous farming, activation of old users as the goal. With the release of Baidu Nuomi’s big data report in March 3rd, this means by means of big data, accurate access to key cities, the focus of the business district, the focus of the festival, the focus of the user’s ideas, become more powerful.


and Baidu Nuomi Baidu wallet linkage cinema scene during the Spring Festival or the 3.7 day of college students with seamless penetration, visible Baidu internal product, providing a large flow, rich > glutinous rice

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