The secret of viral content marketing success

let’s assume that you know the basics: content marketing is one of the best ways to engage with the audience and potential customers online. It is used to improve search rankings, improve brand engagement and loyalty, increase brand awareness, and encourage social sharing and interaction. If you are a consumer oriented company in this era, you simply can not keep up with the competition in the industry, if you do not actively build content marketing skills.

is easy to say, hard to do, right? You might get involved in content marketing, or even hire a top agency." Perhaps you have even seen a number of results; several links, there are hundreds of shares, but then what? Of course, there is no fireworks, no large-scale ranking improvement, no lead or sales increase. Maybe you want it to be impossible. For a short time and money, you may be able to give up the reinvestment of money into the attempt and the real marketing gimmick, at least to drive the number conversion. You use chalk to write things that are too expensive or difficult to find any really successful content marketing.

if it resonates with you, you will never be alone. Doing content marketing correctly is not an easy task, and it seems impossible for beginners to create anything that will stand out and get noticed. Add to the explosion, claiming to be a master, and provide miserable results, the whole content marketing stage, began to feel like a puzzling confusion, unable to honor its commitment to the organization.

so, how do you do that? Other tactics lose efficacy, your site is losing the rankings, you can’t get the community involved in your life, your frustration levels are at historic highs.


you go back to the beginning, and you re learning content, show what content marketing can really do what your business needs to come up with the work: truth. Content marketing can change a company overnight.


when content goes viral: the above example shows a nearly 10 fold increase in the single successful virus activity in the customer’s organic search traffic (single from Google). In December the big spike marks the launch of the campaign.

step 1: learn the truth about your competition

you can assume that when you first start, your only competition is the company’s competitors, On-Line Company, fight the same search phrases or sell the same product or service. When it comes to content marketing, these companies are just the beginning. What you have to remember is that when creating content, your battles are focused on the creators of all content, not just the business. Your content must stand firm, for those who are creating the content of the non business reasons. This means that when you exercise, you must not only do better than your competitors, but you have to do a better job than almost everyone is talking about your topic.

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