From the nternet to self built website

has also started selling roasted seeds and nuts need to build their own shop, so that more people can order online their seeds and sugar fried chestnut. The shop is rich and popular, making the "office" are everywhere, many users and without direct trading companies no longer need to lease office space and a "decent" pavement; 07 years of online shopping spending 59 billion 400 million, accounted for the entire social consumer goods 6.8 per thousand, only Taobao 43 billion 300 million. This is now the state of e-commerce, although it is very much in favor of the wheat field said, we calm a little, but it is undeniable that e-commerce is closer and closer to us.

The 2007

e-commerce event, the acquisition of ECSHOP is a comsenz. Gao Chunhui took ECSHOP to the entire product line more complete comsenz. This match is another event, Li Zhongwei joined shopex, then soit legend Guo Hongchi was asked. It is said that the current shopex users amounted to 20W, much higher than ECSHOP. On the one hand, there is enough to improve the product line, while there are more user accumulation. The two sides war, the benefit should be the user.

create a shop is no longer mysterious, and build a BBS as simple. If you do not understand the technology, to recruit a two thousand piece of the January junior programmer can; shopex, ECSHOP and other self-service shop system continue to emerge, will undoubtedly create their own shop like self-help Station system, the same has become popular. Taobao’s 3000W number of more than the owner, most of the users with drilling outside of Taobao has its own shop, they do not want their business will always rely on Taobao. (the legend of Zhongguancun the first large store selling Apple Computer) the manager personally confirmed these cool wheat. Distributed E-Commerce group has begun to sprout.

from the Ma and Ali automatic station business yellow pages (Alibaba is actually self help, only those enterprises to "site" built in the Alibaba only), self-help Station system to network and other companies launched, then the network, Discuz open source BBS, then shopex, ECSHOP self-service shop. Even now, the open source SNS.

is not difficult to see that the whole process of real income is two kinds of people: those who cheat the government or some organization’s "public funds", such as "XX enterprise network"; another is "integration", "site" is "free buffet" but "information here, such as the integration of Alibaba.

"XX enterprise network" that will exist as search engine traffic it always about 30% porn, but never become mainstream. Although Alibaba such enterprises are always around the search engine to do SEO, but it can not be denied that he is a large enterprise, can also be called great".

if an enterprise is to provide self-help service, by her "custom" to a handful of large and medium-sized enterprises for the poor.

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