Baidu pictures said


1, Baidu included the title of the site, the key word is very important, the relationship between the ranking

2, which is done on the left side of the ranking can only display 10, which is the price to see the row. The "promotion" of these two words is bidding. Baidu shows that the search results are divided into three kinds of the left side of the right side of the right to compete in the ranks of the ranks of natural

3, this is the last time Baidu included your site date, from here you can also see your site is Baidu’s attention, if your site quality is good it will go to your web site every day.

4, this is Baidu’s natural ranking. Oh, I said I do not want to solve what is the natural ranking. Do not pay here is the natural ranking. Out of the money is so simple bidding.

5, which is the right PPC, but also by the number of money to the rankings, here can only show 8.

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