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believes that, for the majority of webmasters who, how to circle the precise user has been a highly controversial topic. This topic has troubled me for a long time, especially in the last 160 cars looking for accurate user groups in the process, it is eating a lot of suffering. In fact, precise meaning is not difficult to understand, where the user base, where is the precise user. Difficult in how to effectively promote the user groups for you.

this is in fact everyone knows when I push a group of experts in the topic, also caused a controversy, we have different opinions but each one airs his own views,! According to the author’s experience, the only accurate promotion website promotion is relatively accurate. And can not achieve the so-called one pair of precision marketing.

for example, in order to promote the accuracy of the car users in the title, the author was chosen to Mazda car user groups as a promotion test. In accordance with past experience, the author quickly locked the location of the user groups. The first is the famous automobile forum Mazda riders forum, including Baidu, Baidu and other Post Bar, know the fire quiz website car forum. Followed by the regional Mazda QQ group.

after some efforts, and finally found that the flow of the purchase intention of the poor. Most from these places to the user is watching and understanding of information, and not really buying intention, tease our online beauty is there be nothing difficult customer service. Of course, we can also call them potential customers.

so, how can the promotion do accurate? In fact, we can do the opposite, the thinking of expansion, break up the whole into parts. Precisely because the user does not necessarily focus on a point. Especially the sales site, we can to promote the spread, the ads do everywhere, of course, promotion methods commonly used is to use, such as SEO, Forum promotion, QQ group promotion and quiz promotion of these methods is to have certain effect.

But for the

can directly see the benefits of the site, Huang Hongren here still suggest that you use the pay promotion gimmick, especially PPC and advertising, PPC can immediately lock the customer base, and continuously promoted effectively, is a fast and accurate way. The advertising alliance is to spread all over the place, to spread, eliminate malicious advertising click behavior, the introduction of the basic flow accuracy is high.

and I concluded all kinds of experience, ultimately chose the Baidu bid and Baidu Wangmeng, of course also choose some famous advertising company and Ali mother. If you have a better way to promote precision, you are welcome to discuss the Q group.

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