Website promotion methods and means

some of the old large web site does not need special promotion, but some of the emerging large web site can not be so lucky. In the face of some of the large web site, the promotion of these sites will be more difficult. In addition, this kind of website to imagine small website as occasion force is not realistic, it needs to make some promotion strategies.

1 word of mouth.


website is not some authority to judge, nor the website self styled, but by word of mouth had logged on to the site users, use the mouth of the ancient way to promote large-scale web site and not a. In the network so developed today, not only did not weaken the role of word of mouth, but also because of the breadth and speed of the dissemination of information to enhance the unprecedented strength. Establish word of mouth, it is necessary to have a little hard work, so that word of mouth can be spread, but also a little psychological hint of Kung fu.

(1) website optimization: the characteristics of the site is the most easy to remember things, so that the characteristics of the site is prominent promotion, but also the best way to establish a reputation. The characteristics of the site are reflected in the following aspects.

domain name and website name to be easy to remember.

website’s central location, main content, page design.

do not afraid to be seen, high-profile features of this website in the earliest users contact the site area reflected.

in addition, good operability, friendly interactive interface, the rapid expansion of the various pages will give users an ideal site experience, this experience is also a way to establish a reputation.

(2) to the user that only the feature is not enough, but also let the word-of-mouth website features by users of word of mouth. If you have a web site a good browsing experience, may lead him to visit the site, but it may not let him spread out the site. At this time you need to make some small adjustments on the site, the user some psychological implications. Such as blog provides similar services, in every blog, Sina has set up a copy of the blog address shortcut button, it is not only convenient for visitors will recommend the love blog to other people, but also to the viewer psychological hint: Sina blog convenient in use, but also I hope the blog was spread, more people understand. In this way, unconsciously, Sina completed a psychological hint, to achieve the purpose of its website promotion.

2 to organize large-scale activities.

hosting large events is a common means of business promotion and enhance visibility. Large web site can also learn from the method. By organizing large-scale activities, the site in a very short period of time the visibility and influence of a higher level. In addition, due to the large sites of funds and manpower is relatively abundant, but also have the strength to carry out such activities. Large activities can be divided into the following 3.

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