Wang Tong APP promotion of the 8 methods

currently the number of mobile phone applications APP has exceeded the number of sites 10 years ago, the beginning of explosive growth. In the face of more and more APP, if you can let your APP stand out, the rapid promotion out? I summed up the following eight methods:

first: hard promotion

method 1, mobile phone manufacturers bundled

this hard promotion relatively speaking, the price is low, the larger scale, so it is ranked first in the hard promotion. The average price of each bundle between 0.5 yuan ~2 yuan, a pre installed hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars are easy.

this is those who get the venture capital, want to quickly install the amount of up to do the first choice of APP.

method 2, APP installation platform to promote

current mainstream platform, finishing as follows:

download market: Android, wisdom, wisdom, an application exchange, 91, and N, and mumayi billion, an

machine, flies

App Store: Google store, millet store, Samsung store, Meizu store, Lenovo developer community, oppo app store, etc.;

large platform: wal stores, Tianyi space, HUAWEI wisdom cloud, Tencent application center, etc.;

client: pea pod mobile wizard, 91 mobile assistant, the 360 mobile assistant, PP mobile assistant, synchronous push, etc.

method 3, brush list promotion

this promotion is a non formal means, but very popular in the country, after all, the vast majority of Apple’s mobile phone users will be practical APP Store to download APP. If your APP is directly in front of the position, of course, can quickly get the user’s attention, while obtaining a higher real download.

however, brush list price is relatively high, the domestic price list top25 in 10 thousand yuan a day or so, the price of top5 per day more than 20 thousand. Because of the relatively high cost of promotion, so the general will work together with the news hype, so easy to quickly become famous.

two, soft promotion

method 4, news promotion

news is a network promotion means the cheapest, write a press release to spend ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan will be released to the 100 mainstream news portal, then the website a report, there will be more sites to extract. If your title is good enough, then the fire.

a large number of international companies do not advertise on the surface, one is secretly spending money to do this promotion.

method 5, post promotion

at present, all kinds of Mobile Forum is very much, the popularity of fire is also a lot of people, more active, I have a total of more than and 25.

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