DG Xiong Xiaoge beyond BAT start-up companies are born

IDG Xiong Xiaoge

Sina Technology roots from Sichuan, Chengdu

sina science and technology news on October 20th morning news, the Ninth China Chengdu international software design and application contest and the global App development and entrepreneurship competition Chengdu Railway Station competition in the Global Center Paradise InterContinental Hotel. The event organized by the IDG group and Sina entrepreneurship. Gou Zhengli, vice mayor of Chengdu, IDG global executive vice president, IDG capital founding partner and other heavyweight guests attended the.

Xiong Xiaoge said at the meeting: the Internet era was born BAT such a giant, but in this wave, will be able to be born in China beyond the Internet Co BAT. The main reason for this judgment is based on the BAT market and capital are not unified in two aspects: on the one hand, BAT are based on the domestic market, on the other hand, BAT’s capital market in the United states. But now the business tide and the tide of mobile Internet, market and capital ratio BAT times a step further, to achieve the two united in China China, so this wave will be greater than the birth of BAT company.

"This is IDG

launched a" global App development business tournament ", hope selection at home and abroad outstanding mobile Internet companies, and provide more direct and effective elements of entrepreneurship and innovation for the development of the App individual, team, and provide support in terms of capital." Xiong Xiaoge told all participants.

, IDG and the Chengdu municipal government has also reached the "Chengdu Municipal People’s government and the international data group talks memorandum", officially announced the establishment of IDG Internet plus joint venture fund, support the development of Chengdu Internet plus field.

In addition

, vice president of IDC Chinese Wu Lianfeng also analyzed data from the published Internet plus and big data, Wu Lianfeng said that by 2020 Chinese amount of data generated will be the first in the world, will be in Internet plus, networking era has great advantage. Use of the Internet to complete the transformation of traditional enterprises, will be the biggest source of new wealth in this era.

Chen Pei found in the CEO, digital smart city group vice president and chief technology tour Ya pig Museum Zhu Tao, around the theme of the meeting "Internet plus open App mobile Internet Era" in a speech.

afternoon, IDG global executive vice president, IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge will be in the "new class" Sina entrepreneurial activities: "what business do not vote firmly" speech. It is reported that the new course is Sina entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to provide the heavy public courses on entrepreneurship.

previously, Xiong Xiaoge repeatedly said publicly, IDG capital invested more than and 400 projects for 22 years, and finally through the listing or merger success from more than and 80, however, this probability has let IDG get a substantial return on investment. In Xiong Xiaoge seems, IDG in addition to providing information to entrepreneurs

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