Discussion on the four key points of network marketing in hospital website


medical website on the Internet is everywhere, there are regional, national, as well as state hospital website, but also private hospital website, even some grassroots building their own medical website, which makes the competitive medical website increased a lot, but also a lot of confusion. So if the medical website in the fierce competition in the breakout success, then the success of Internet marketing, but many sites in the process of marketing will ignore some of the points, we are going to do a simple introduction of


one: to have a strategic vision

for a medical website, successful network marketing should have a strategic vision to plan, just like Liu Bang playing a feather from passive to active is to adopt two a strategy to cut Xiang Yu’s supply lines, let Xiang Yu eventually put Xiang Yu down, constantly on the run, and we should also be in network marketing have a strategic vision, can not simply follow the old way things, always want some innovative Internet marketing solutions, to be able to win out of Jones


two: to different industries to learn

many people love confine himself to a circle, such as the medical industry site circle, such as community circle and so on, all the things to do to follow the prescribed order some successful experience in this circle, but when a lot of people are doing the same thing, the success is one of the few people, and most people will fail. So we have to network marketing case of success from other industries absorb nutrients, so as to ensure their own marketing innovation inside the circle, so that they can beat the competitors


three: medical website can not forget the public interest, but it can not only be public

medical websites always provide some content to help the public nature of the majority of the patients, so as to obtain the trust of patients, such as opening up the relevant expert inquiry on the website, if some experts, but also need to set up a website with permission, can not any person can answer the patient’s problem, or let the public things sour, which lost the public significance, so a lot of medical websites also emerged into the public, also lost public phenomenon! So in the marketing of the website, will not be able to simply send some public promotion, but with a sincere heart to the promotion, with a responsible for the patient’s heart to promote


four: increase market share

we run health websites is not a simple will own website promotion out, get more traffic, but these will flow into loyal users, when their bodies feel unwell, first think of our website, at the same time in the net station is not a good solution after that, we in the clinic, which can improve market share, visible when marketing medical website will be to find ways to improve the reputation of a website, and the website of the good reputation, nature also led to the reality of hospital reputation, so as to obtain a win-win situation!


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