Baidu officially open to help users to share the behavior of sharing

station network September 7th news: June 7th on-line beta Baidu share function after three months of beta officially open for registration. Baidu’s share is WEB2.0 button tool provides a web address collection, sharing and transmission, with Baidu share button, visitors can easily share content to happy net, QQ, Sina, micro-blog and a series of space SNS site. Web site owners can share in the Baidu site to get the share button JS code, embedded in their own web site, so that the site links to the Internet every corner!

Baidu share currently has three main features. Through the Baidu share button, visitors can easily share content on your website to happy net, QQ, Sina, micro-blog and other SNS site space spread, bringing more traffic to your website; website pages will more easily be Baidu search engine found to have a chance from Baidu to search more traffic; available free to share detailed statistical analysis. Understand what you will be on the web site to share what SNS sites, the number of daily sharing is how much to help you better track, analyze, encourage users to share behavior, to bring more traffic to the site. In the previous Baidu launched the Baidu search engine optimization guide, Baidu has expressed its share of & will be used to determine the search engine to determine the value of the page / site. Appropriate to encourage and guide users to recommend your site, the site is very helpful in the search engine performance. The use of Baidu is likely to share a certain impact on the site’s Baidu ranking.

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Baidu share support website has growth by 16 to 33 times online. Button code button / icon, text type, floating window three convenient according to their own characteristics to choose Website webmaster. Prior to the commitment of statistical analysis has also been open. Social sharing in China has been rising for some time, but it is still in its infancy, through social sharing not only brought to the site of the most accurate statistical data services, also let visitors through the sharing behavior continue to enhance the site of quality chain, increase social flow, bring more users. At present, the domestic social sharing field, JiaThis, bShare and other sites dominate the market, the emergence of Baidu sharing will bring new competition in the field of social sharing. Relying on Baidu search results, Baidu will be more attractive to attract owners, social sharing will usher in new changes in the field. (text / Yang Yang)

Baidu push to share the impact of social sharing in the end how deep?

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