Multiple courier information trading site was closed police involved in the investigation

small express orders, is set off another "information war". Daily Economic News reported on November 6th, a number of courier company customer information was sold, triggering a high degree of concern of the community and the courier industry. Yesterday (November 8th), the relevant departments of the police call the newspaper, said it has begun to track and investigate this closely. The reporters found that many information express a single transactions website were shut down.

, however, a number of courier companies told reporters that the company sold the express order information, and pointed out that "the risks and supervision of third parties" leaked concerns. Some people will be blamed for this type of transaction platform merchant brush drill demand. In this regard, to the "daily economic news" reporter said, in order to monitor existing, early can speculation on the use of credit number behavior screening and combat, to completely eliminate". In fact, express a single information "commercial value", has been beyond the brush drill, may be eyeing criminals and use, it is also on this "information war" has put forward a test.

Express single information trafficking alleged crimes

this year, the National Public Security launched "personal information disclosure" special combat and governance, for example, the Shanghai area has been investigated and dealt with a blow to the criminal gangs trafficking express order information.

Beijing Daqian lawyer office director Wang Maoji yesterday to accept the "daily economic news" reporter said, "People’s Republic of China criminal law" 253rd stipulates that the state organs or the financial, telecommunications, transportation, education, medical and other units of the staff, in violation of state regulations, the unit will provide personal information service in the process in performing their duties or sold or provided to others illegally, if the circumstances are serious, three years imprisonment or criminal detention, or impose a fine gold. If the circumstances are serious, they shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

according to the law, Wang Maoji pointed out that the express order information transactions suspected of committing two crimes, namely "sell, illegally providing personal information of citizens of the crime and the crime of illegally obtaining personal information". This also means that, whether it is the sale of information, or illegal purchase of information, are likely to involve crime.

, however, said Wang Maoji, whether the sale and the purchase of the two people constitute the crime, but also depends on whether they meet the seriousness of the elements. Although the "serious" not very clearly defined, but from the size of information, whether the profit and profit amount how many, whether the sale of information to engage in illegal and criminal activities, resulting in the loss of other aspects of judgment.

on the unit, the crime of committing the first two paragraphs, the unit fined, and the person in charge directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be punished according to law." Wang Maoji said that for the illegal disclosure of personal information of citizens, if the cause of economic losses, but also by

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