Tencent internal articles exposure WeChat to the left, right hand Q

this article "WeChat to the left, right hand Q" is said to be written by Tencent’s Jiang Ning, previously in the wireless sector, and now mobile electricity supplier product director, published in the internal forum.


the day before yesterday, two things about the mobile Internet, mobile phone is a QQ online two WeChat users billions of dollars; 300 million; the former, in the mobile Internet the first bonus stage, the latter, Nongchao Khan is too high; upstart, Shirupozhu; I have always believed that the birth of great products, except with the hero of the power, from history materialist point of view, the market is inevitable; like the person, not lose kingship, Liu an.


winner also flatter or lonely sigh or not calm thinking, learning.

behind the reality of the results, what caused us to think:

1) the rapid rise of WeChat, indicating that its product form time;

2) at the same time, although the early QQ mobile phone users hundreds of millions, originally does not mean that the establishment of dominance in the mobile communication, mobile phone QQ has accomplished, on the back foot, but not as strong as iron; the Internet industry changes, anchaoyongdong, an inattentive, you may be innovators tear open a hole, the excuse is, rewriting layout;

3) WeChat will subvert the QQ it has been in the UK, will not cover;

4) WeChat will replace QQ? No;

5) WeChat mobile phone will replace QQ? No, I think the mobile phone QQ just hit the snooze, an important node in the history, there are some should have a fast turn self change things, not in a timely manner, and WeChat for it to do, and do it very well.


mobile phone QQ fast to solve these basic problems, will usher in a new development opportunities, with the wave of mobile Internet, and WeChat is very pleased to see racing together bridle to bridle; moreover, the new version of the QQ mobile phone has been walking in the right way and light.

6) what is the core positioning of mobile QQ


I want to consider this problem, have to jump out of the limitation of QQ mobile phone business, organization out of limitation, the company’s overall situation, the industry view of history, thought the first core value and extension of the QQ service; for mobile phone, QQ is not a simple terminal coverage problem, and its mission is in the mobile scene, what kind of form allows users to make better use of the QQ service.

7) what are the core values and evolution steps of QQ services


communication, social, platform;

8) what are the core values and evolution steps of WeChat


is almost perfect for quick completion: communication, social, and platform; and each phase goes beyond the QQ itself;

9) mobile QQ should >

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