Love the autumn when forgotten — me and my emotional life Forum

      ready to write this thing a long time ago.

      today, the original is love in the autumn of the forum, later or disappeared.

      write down these can only be counted as a kind of memorial.


      I think I can only put these words here. Despite the many people don’t understand. But everything does not matter, let’s be a journey of the mind



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      at the very beginning, I was eager to write vigorous words every day. In fact, their life is flat, nothing to record. Just think a man writing should be more sharp, some more powerful. Now think this is not another kind of flexibility. BBS is a little good. It can make the writing people have expectations. I wrote a lot of things, quietly waiting for some people who can understand.

      my luck. It was also called love in the late autumn of BBS is very simple, I mean simple interface and simple man. If it is now a forum, a newcomer, it is difficult to get the attention of most people and attention. Of course I’m not saying I’m craving these. But for some time, it is true that a good sense of celebrity, although paid a small price. By the way, I wrote things very well at that time. To tell you the truth, now I put all the words. There are very few people who can write back to me. Now there are too many people miss the past BBS. Said Miss will be meaningless.

      some people disappeared, some people appeared. Once the storm has been forgotten. Some people say that now the forum is not as good as the so-called. The wandering people are getting younger and younger. Cynical were already far beyond speculation seeking. Think of these, in many places closely arranged on the list was a lonely.

      now the love story is still the music for my friend telling about Schuhmann, Clara and the great pianist Brahms pay. Have a high degree of achievement and sincere feelings. But there is no perfect ending. I always felt like I was typing it. Can let the tears flow. I wrote that guy. The eye has been dry.



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