Taobao start in the history of the largest revision at SNS

news October 18th, billion state power network by sources that will complete the largest revision history, new edition is expected to be on-line at the end of October. After the revision, Taobao will officially launch the SNS project.

the biggest feature of this revision is to evolve a new SNS. Specifically related to the three changes: layout adjustment, increase SNS, cancel Amoy lake.

in the home layout, according to billion state power network to understand, the tone is still dominated by the new version website orange department, but the style is close to Tmall. The merchandise category will be integrated in the home side after the release of the sidebar, instead of using the existing "intensive display at the bottom of the home page" way. home 1 (billion state power network according to the sources describe mapping)

at the same time, the home page will strengthen SNS function. In the new version of Taobao home in the middle of the second screen position, will be displayed in the form of micro-blog shop dynamic and user friendly friends, into the channel SNS channel. Dynamic information are derived from the SNS channel, and the user will be targeted after the login personalized recommendation, showing the effect of thousands of people face. After the user enters the individual SNS channel, you can see their own concerns about the store dynamics and friends, this information may be displayed in the lower right of the SNS page.

This corresponds with the Taobao

, the original community products and other dispensers Amoy rivers and lakes will be merged, disappeared completely from the Taobao master page will not occur again the entrance.



page 2 (billion state power network according to the sources describe mapping)

noted billion state power network, in addition to the above changes has not yet appeared outside, Taobao has begun to try to fine tune the existing page, if the user enters "my Taobao", can already see the prototype of SNS, Taobao search also intends to reduce some ranking weight, so as to prepare for the personalized recommendation.

in the back of the revision, to a certain extent reflects the anxiety of Taobao.

online shopping in the new user dividend gradually disappear and electricity supplier competition in the context of normalization, after hatching Tmall Taobao, the need to further develop the commercial value of their own users. Billion state power network was informed that at the end of 2011, began preparations for the new growth strategy, to now "SNS" surfaced, can determine whether this should be the future direction of Taobao. Taobao hopes that SNS products can take up a large number of users online time, enhance user stickiness, so that the whole ecosystem of Taobao to gather more value depressions.

analysts to billion state power network that, behind the Taobao revision, is actually the reform of system: open power, all rights to the seller, "this is a similar to the reform and open reform will be a little.

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