What do we think of a shared car when we invest in a bicycle

in the context of the rise of the concept of sharing, the domestic auto industry in the recent share of frequent concern. With the development of the Mercedes Benz Car2go as the representative of the time-sharing leasing mode both at home and abroad for many years, while continuing to focus on domestic travel sharing after the field, we believe that the timeshare rental car sharing mode is undoubtedly a major trend in the future.


this is mainly based on two points:

first, young people prefer to use assets, rather than retain assets. In the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other cities, the cost of keeping a car is too high, car, license, maintenance and so on for the cost of the young people can not be reasonable is not a small burden.

second, sharing development will be the car is happy to see the trend of the government. Also given one hundred thousand licenses, sharing the car can cover a larger population, and effectively help reduce congestion and pollution in the city, it can be predicted that this model will be welcomed by social managers.

in car sharing (sub lease), a basic judgment we are: ordinary entrepreneurs difficult to counter attack in this area, VC participation is relatively small. Mastering the three kinds of abilities of participants — capital cost is low enough, grasp the government resources, with large-scale vehicle capacity – there will be a high probability of success chance.

there are three reasons:

first, small funds are insufficient to support the sharing of vehicles (timeshare lease) model into the positive cycle.

, in essence, shared cars and shared bikes are Asset Management Co. The core of asset management model is how to lower the cost of the vehicle, and achieve the scale effect.

can be defined as a new type of v-mobile to hardware based Asset Management Co: Mobell operation is bicycle version of the time-sharing leasing model, through the global operation of the assets, return. But compared to the bike, the share of the car like a bike as fast as the volume, the formation of scale effect, not a small amount of money can support.

the cost of a bicycle in the range of 100 to 1000 yuan, through the VC million or billions of dollars of investment, sharing bicycle companies can create a considerable number of bicycles. While a car cost at least five or six yuan, while the system engineering vehicle complexity is high and the cycle is longer, if it is acquired through equity financing funds, high cost and the size of funds are unable to support the entire business model.

second, sharing a car needs a lot of resources to support.

requires a lot more resources to support a shared vehicle than a bicycle. License plate, Lu Quan, parking is difficult to solve the problem of not having access to resources, so good government relations and resources are very important. Parking in the first tier cities, for example, although an hour on the surface of the car rental costs as long as ten dollars, but the actual cost of the user will pay a very high peripheral. If you cannot use >

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