Second line nternet Co investment Atlas large investment into a hot O2O

[Abstract] what are the similarities and differences between the investment strategy of the second tier Internet Co and the Internet giant? What are the areas of


science and technology Tencent sun July 14 finishing report

two years ago, Tencent, Ali, Baidu as the Internet industry giant, opened a crazy investment, mergers and acquisitions, and now this trend is gradually blow to the Jingdong, millet, 58 and other second tier city, Ctrip Internet Co.

March 23rd, the State Council issued the opinions on deepening the reform of institutional mechanisms to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, clearly pointed out the need to nurture and expand venture capital and capital markets. After that, the second tier Internet Co is to accelerate the pace of the capital market.

What are the similarities and differences between the

tier Internet Co’s investment strategy and more emphasis on the Internet giant? What areas? The capital market of the investment, mergers and acquisitions agree? Tencent technology selected Jingdong, 58 city, millet, Ctrip, five companies, drawing into two line Internet Co 2014-2015 (end of May 2015) investment spectrum, may to bring you some answers.

Jingdong: improve the electricity supplier industry chain layout O2O


Jingdong’s market value has reached $45 billion, but for a long time, more and more Jingdong to the user’s impression is PC, mobile phone, tablet computer and other consumer electronic products, TV, washing machine and other household appliances to buy the site, in other categories of products, the advantages of the Jingdong is not particularly obvious.

from here you can see that, the Jingdong has invested in 2014-2015, easy car every day, orchard, dressing assistant pan three companies, involving cars, clothing and fresh, respectively, which can improve the Jingdong’s electricity supplier chain to a certain extent, and $1 billion 200 million to spend can also see Jingdong attaches great importance to this field.

at the end of 2013, foreign tour returning Liu Qiangdong announced O2O as one of the Jingdong in 2014 five strategy, starting from the group level force O2O. In 2015, the Jingdong launched O2O products – Jingdong home, the integration of various O2O categories, including 3 km range, fresh supermarket products, flowers, and other kinds of life service delivery.

But after all,

is a Jingdong to the electricity supplier for the company’s main gene, although others, can do O2O still need to make a question mark, so Jingdong need to invest some blood is more pure O2O, hungry, home will also enter the Jingdong fayan delicacy.

for investment in the way cattle, insiders said, the Jingdong strengths category is self-employed, other categories for the industry’s best customer experience and strengthen the operation of the company, the Jingdong as the largest shareholder, investment companies can also be Jingdong huge customer base to customer, this is a win-win.

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