Everyone in the film was diverted to the stove! The new website yesterday launched the beta

because of "unauthorized film translation" and other reasons forced the closure of all film and television, to "new". In March 11th, all television announced its new website "everybody study network" officially launched the beta.

is not difficult to see from the name, the site will be the main service platform. It is understood that everyone study by everyone in the film subtitle group management team, the overseas Chinese, the world’s elite returnees and foreign language training industry, the traditional teacher intermediary company executives, build Jimei, Britain, Australia, Japan and Canada for the application development of intelligent system.

According to the official website of

, the platform is more than 90% of the application service is completely free, the first phase of the introduction of the United States, Britain, Australia, Japan four countries to apply for free services, providing multinational, comprehensive application services.

At the same time,

is no longer in use overseas industry two-way charges, namely intermediary fees charged to apply for foreign students at the same time to the school Commission, and the implementation of the one-way standard, the school commission all free service, no school commission to provide VIP service charges.

everyone said the film, in the global support of the members of the subtitle group, will be committed to creating a new platform for Internet public service. The first phase of the introduction of the United States, Britain, Australia, Japan Shikoku integrated application services.


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