The operation and management of the prospective user and the old user O2O

recently saw some local start-up Internet companies, the heart very expect them to have a good development but also for their "in a threatening manner to join worried, because in recent years the small website slowly disappeared in people’s sight, we are looking forward to the new set of network station model and excellent user experience was born in one of the network products! What kind of products can be down to earth, users can obtain good reputation, to interact with a user, increase user stickiness and so on, all is a network of people in constant pursuit and exploration of the topic today! And chat with the boss, I suddenly found no online service, people are still living in all. Things can be solved, then we can’t finish things currently online, the line is how to solve it? Today take this car van products to do on


a few years ago when there is no computer network, the van did not buy less, people do not have the information on the Internet can refer to the car, then they are how to sell it?

1, word of mouth marketing, relying on a section of the car’s praise, and gradually form a public reputation, can affect the purchase of a lot of people;

2, television advertising, television advertising, high penetration rate, the diversification of television media, can be more intuitive to show the brand value;

3, radio and television media, as media marketing, but there are many differences in the form of communication, communication and audience;

4, business promotion, for large customers, vendors take the salesman to discuss the way to fight for orders.

used to rely on these ways to sell cars, we all know what to do now, don’t spend money on advertising in the media, you can wait for the customer the door? Combined with the traditional marketing mode, explore the new situation under the Charter with O2O thinking marketing model, the specific steps of


1, first media advertising, the rational allocation of influence of local radio and television, newspapers, especially during the holiday season and put in efforts to increase, especially the insertion site, WeChat QQ, two-dimensional code and other online contact in these ads, the user from the drop-down line to line digestion;

2, network media, local portal and vertical auto web launch banner ads, enable Baidu advertising auction, multi-channel access to user data;

3, online and offline users, from the first line of information technology so that users have a more profound understanding of the product, especially compared to introduce the same price models, test drive, and Award activities group purchase price line, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of consumers.

4, the first for the place, the main public vans (or large-scale users) are the two main groups of small bus and commercial freight, if taken offline online feedback way for the two groups, the QQ group and ground advertising this part of the user and to the QQ group, by creating a group in the atmosphere, increasing the line interaction among group members to >

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