Jiang Likun do not promote the site made negative promotion

on the Internet, there is no "sell themselves", we all understand that a web site is again good, also need to take the initiative to promote. But the promotion is universal? Is not through the promotion will be able to play "able to perform wonders" effect? I think the answer is basically impossible. Promotion is only part of the website operation, website promotion, the platform is the foundation, the content is the key. This is like a restaurant, the food is not delicious, dining environment, health conditions are not met, then how publicity it has always been to put up the shutters. Website promotion the same, if the site did not lay a good basis, all the promotion is almost always negative, sooner or later is to put up the shutters.

below, let me enumerate five basic hardware indicators, we in the promotion before, please refer to the following five, if not up to standard, then please carefully consider whether it is necessary to vigorously promote.

a, site access slow


website is a very slow death problem, imagine who would in a five minute open page of the site to stay too long? Usually a page within ten seconds completely open is the most appropriate, do not exceed thirty seconds. Usually caused by the slow Web access in the following situations:

1, web page files too bloated. This phenomenon is common in the corporate website and some personal website, in order to pursue the so-called gorgeous effect, the web site placed a large number of pictures and even FLASH, making the site access speed is very slow. I have seen the most exaggerated a corporate website, five minutes did not open the site home page. Because his home page is a very dazzling but also very big FLASH.

2, web page code is not reasonable. This is the design of the problem, usually in professional website will not see this problem. The reason for this problem is that when designing a web page, the designer puts all the code elements in a large space. In this way, when you visit a web page, the system will download all the pages of the document is completed, will be presented to the user page. Since I am not a professional technical background, the description is not accurate, so the specific circumstances, please ask the relevant professionals.

3, server / space instability. This problem is basically in the rental space or server site. Many friends in order to map cheap, like to rent a cheap space or server, but often complain about how the server is not stable. In fact, there is nothing to complain about, for this kind of space server products, cheap goods are almost certainly not good, we do not have luck. For example, some virtual space, 10G only a few hundred dollars, we can take a calculator to calculate for him, if the quality is so good, the cost is not enough.

4, room circuit problem. China’s Internet access providers a lot, so different broadband users, access to the same site may be larger differences. So everyone in the choice of the computer room, we must first consider the target user group network, such as telecommunications users more, net >

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