WeChat marketing case February profit product line more than 100 thousand children

recently on WeChat marketing quite fire, large and small businesses are doing, are using this tool to promote their own WeChat products and services. Circle of friends often show a variety of advertising promotional activities. WeChat marketing is useful in the end, whether it is online or offline, why so many people are doing WeChat marketing?

a friend is a child electronics, he also wants to use WeChat to promote his products. In order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, here is not specifically the electronic product brand name! Find my friends, my friend made a set of marketing programs, for more than two months, only the profit from WeChat to have more than 100 thousand yuan! The following will give us that this is the success of WeChat marketing case


city is a prefecture level city, is regarded as a three line city, the economic status of medium, urban population of about 1 million. The electronic products are friends agent reputation, products are mainly for children to learn computer, teaching machine, smart watches for children. He has a physical store online, operating area is still good, relatively close to the center of the city. In view of the previous data from the physical store sales of the first group of customers to do the purchase of the analysis, from the physical store sales data, the use of the group is about 3-12 years old children. Product prices ranging from 500-2000 yuan, belonging to the high-end products. Class a products mainly for children aged 3-6, B products for children aged 7-12 years. These are the details of the background of the product, then how do we operate it?

1, prepare personal micro signal and WeChat public number

do WeChat marketing can not do without WeChat! Prepare two micro signal and a WeChat public number. Some children will ask why to prepare two micro signal? Because the product line positioning different groups, 3-6 a micro signal, 7-12 is a micro signal. Download WeChat two-dimensional code, personal micro signal to QQ, the best bound, it is easy to add, because some mobile phone camera pixels is not high scanning is not successful, you can enter the number QQ number and convenient to add micro signal. Personal micro signal nickname proposal is set as: XX Li, XX teacher wang. For example: Yucai Li, this is to close to the customer. If the product name is set to advertising, advertising will be suspected, the user experience is not good. Public name can be set to the name of the product or shop.

2, the production of posters, banners, advertising tents

carefully designed advertising content, store address and telephone number printed on it. The key is to sweep the two-dimensional code printed with WeChat, including personal WeChat two-dimensional code, a number of WeChat (that is binding QQ number). Print several advertising banners banners, for example: WeChat sweep, you take a gift. Free children education seminars, free raffle banners.

3, precise positioning and drainage powder strategy

first positioned as a product of the age of 3-6, in fact this

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