Think about the promotion of movie websites through nternet cafes

movie station publicity methods, it should be compared to other stations to be much simpler!

QQ spam messages, spam, buy traffic, advertising, proxy server brush traffic……

, what are you doing,


suggested not to engage in, to remember that such a garbage flow is what, is your station into a dumpster!

movie station? Now, like N, just a Marx system can swing a movie station, so you must ensure that your film quality and update speed, as long as there is a new movie, you first time to add, and then send some post publicity for this keyword. You will find something to Baidu, which ranked by the movie special, that mimic this article, remember to modify their intentions, he can let people beyond imitation! So as to form a so-called SEO which is very popular "original" this concept is original to included rankings! Keywords go up, you are afraid of no flow? Besides these keywords are very popular


if you think you stand for speed, everything good, pay attention to quality of website construction, there is not what too much junk movies pop, you can, don’t try to download what player, that impression is not good! Well, I can say, I now have 284 computer network. Internet cafes and theaters in the widescreen hero, because the update speed, said most simple, have you seen this movie basketball fire! Is a set of 1 weeks, is the fastest, every Monday is updated, all the other is like Tuesday, but we updated with Internet cafe cinema Youku, think about it! So, and even formed a concept of what they see a movie, what place do not go directly to open Internet cafes, cinemas, which explains what the problem is? Just walk around in the cafe, in addition to To play the game chat, as long as the movies are Internet cafes, which shows what the problem?

1, Internet cafes on the cinema to see him, he did not need to go to Baidu search, to find out!

2, Internet Movie no ads, no popups! The picture is to call the local real player play directly, clear picture quality is good!


3, because it is a local movie, so there will not be a "speed" concept "


if you can stand up to the above 3 points, supplemented by publicity, you say, can you do it?

and are of good quality, some movies feel like nobody don’t come up, a station is fine, considering your users, he loves to see what kind of, I will give him the update what followed his appetite! Go to hang him, keep him here virtually formed a "repeat" concept! If he love on this station, click next to your favorites included, will be more obvious effect of


is rough, I hope to help brothers! Hope and more.

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