NetEase view of the University side only use the technology is not good at the use of propaganda col

2008 Olympic year, the NetEase to seize the opportune moment in the major colleges and universities to carry out the " NetEase; · National University 2008 party view station " activity is set up $1 million venture capital fund for the game


soon, it will attract a lot of colleges and universities to participate in! Now 20 teams in the southwest division of the game is hot, but the game time over the past two weeks, the 20 in 2008 view station visits but is not very good! Of course, traffic is not good, can not explain their website technology on the contrary, the twenty strong teams of the site each have to do very well, some teams even to modify some details of what Tunghsiao Titan! Continued to show visitors the best website! But when you look at the statistics provided by NetEase, is really too horrible to look at. Look at the present in the first row of Sichuan University of Science and Engineering (, IP (less than 1000 PV is better, you can know the game) in the southwest is roughly what.

In fact, these teams have a very strong

resources. Behind them all with strong support from the University Alumni across the country, many of the team even won a number of Internet cafes to help out. But the results of the IP is still so little, people have to reflect on. Through the various colleges and universities view station, we can easily find these teams in the early too much to focus on site technology. It is possible that many members are consistent with their own web site to do a beautiful, innovative technology, then the site will be more and more people, the site will be able to flow up. But after all, the network, many things and the reality is not the same. Others will come to you, he must know you will come, and you must in addition to technology, how to guide others to the site to make a fuss, otherwise your technology will be no good, is not afraid of deep alley here never for


is a game to be successful, you must know to publicity, propaganda techniques vary, these teams are suggested to study how to use their resources to promote their own, promote their website! This game is like Huang Zhangjin the teacher said as a bit like super girl, like that super girl the game in addition to the technology should not be less publicity, so I believe this game in the final victory will belong to know the propaganda team


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