Positioning products, positioning idea, orientation!

have seen too much localization article, think it too is not clear, not comprehensive, here what Yinzhao to their own during this period of time to write out the amount of the feeling I hope all of you learn from


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in the future of the Internet or in real life, there must be a vertical subdivision. The so-called electricity supplier from the media, since the media and social thought, minimalist private custom, is like this. When other people say that since the media is hot, to blog, micro-blog, WeChat platform to redefine personal view definition to create a new concept, that is from the media, so many people, every day people to create one concept, only to redefine the


positioning opponent! Positioning products!

to give a simple example of it, open WeChat, we are doing mask, you choose the mask. What do you want to do better than they do to reposition the product, reposition the price, reposition the market, and when your face has been used as a test product can not look directly at the time there is still XX skin water, repair cream.

What is the

melatonin ad? Melatonin health state! Positioning health, everyone needs a healthy, long-term accumulation of the melatonin thought will let you heart will have an impression when you want to do health care products, you need to make a new definition, than the name, such as product and material there are other things.

your opponent will always understand, and dare to put forward the shortcomings, micro-blog (# ` curse ‘) by famous, you can also write some blog deficiencies, to the Tencent offer opinions there are a lot of people, also some people are so famous, BBS: Tianya mop.com; portal; china.com: Yitang; Haiwei; Ying; Electronic Commerce: eachnet.com; PPG; 8848; 3721; search: social media: renren.com; happy net; other blog: Chinese; ChinaRen; they have a leader in various fields, Ma Sohu to seek for a job, Ma Huateng wanted to sell QQ to Sina Sina, Baidu worked for the Sohu to work, only self subversion will continue to survive. Redefinition is also an art.

these people catch up from behind some of the features, that is to own position, such as Taobao’s Tmall, is to take the brand route, the world is not the brand, many people buy a brand. Remember to do as much as possible. Do you know second people across the Atlantic? Do you know who is the runner up? Do you know the man who won the Nobel prize? That’s the way most of the time is in the case of.

positioning thought

as the saying goes, according to the guidelines of our party, according to the CPC Central Committee on the basis of XX, Chairman Mao thought, Deng Xiaoping theory, these things are very important, what kind of idea what road, road is wrong, the stone also performed "

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